Will the Conservative Mother in Law Like the Pink Wedding Dress? | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Jessica Willis is very fond of Sharon, her mother in law, but she refuses to compromise her vision of the wedding to fit in with Sharon’s traditional taste.
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  1. kitty62862 says:

    In this case, the veil does pull it together. Without it, that’s a high class ballgown, not a wedding dress.

    Although, this bride could carry off a fancy fascinator, with a birdcage veil.

    Very pretty bride!

  2. Hoody 711 says:

    I’m not doing a veil either and everyone is losing their shit. Don’t give in Jessica. I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with what they think you should look like. If you feel like a bride then that’s all that matters.

  3. Mary Hernández says:

    How is a Pink dress caribbean?

  4. TimTim says:

    She looked really good in that pink dress I’m with the bride in this, for a caribbean wedding a lace dress just doesn’t work, but the mother in law was also right the veil did complete the look she looked better with the veil.

  5. Rachel says:

    She looks amazing in that dress! It’s so flattering for her. Good choice 👍

  6. forexercises says:

    Sweet little darn it and the end, with a big smile. xx

  7. Laura Claire says:

    If not the vale get the headpiece that’s what finishes that dress off.

  8. Hellybelle says:

    I love pink, and I love the dress, I would’ve just liked it better for a wedding in white ❤️ with a white veil ❤️

  9. T May says:

    Finally a pink dress that actually looks beautifully pink! So many blush dresses still look white on these shows

  10. Erica Noel says:

    No bride should make compromises for someone else. These mothers and mother in laws had a chance to do their weddings their way now shut up smile and love whatever the bride and groom do.

  11. jenna anshel says:

    The pink is so gorgeous I would have never though if that

  12. leslie barger says:

    I would love that dress in purple that would be for me I don’t need to be three sizes bigger

  13. kay says:

    i honestly thought the mother in law was going to be rude, but im impressed

  14. Jess Fidler says:

    The veil and headpiece made it. It looks so stunning on her

  15. Becky Simeone says:

    Why do brides bring an entourage to this? I had my Mom and Mother-in-law, because they wanted to be the first to see my pick. I never asked their opinion, chose what I wanted, and paid for it myself. Everybody seemed happy, since I was happy.

  16. kettle says:

    She’s gorgeous and what a beautiful figure. Fitted her perfectly. And it was so nice not to have any budget arguments. We all have budgets but we don’t need to see that side every episode of syttd.

  17. Kill This Love says:

    I love the pink dress, if i can get married I really want a dress in a similar colour

  18. Tatiana Charlotte says:

    I love the veil!!!!

  19. ena krstic says:

    So,she put veil on the wedding or not?

  20. Diane Rathgeber says:

    What’s with the raisin on her back in first dress??

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