What to Wear to a Wedding Reception as a Guest | by Erin Elizabeth

What to Wear to a Wedding Reception as a Guest
Today’s video I’m going to be sharing what to wear to a wedding reception! I’ve style up 4 different looks that could be worn to a wedding this season to give you guys some inspiration on what to wear. I wanted to share a few styles from more fun and flirty to a little more dressy also. Let me know which wedding guest outfit was your favourite of the 4!

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Top I’m Wearing: H&M old
Lip Colour: Nude by Nature Liner in 06 Berry

*All pieces from Lulu’s were kindly gifted for styling

Dress: Lulus
Shoes: The Bay
Clutch: Lulus

Jumpsuit: Lulus
Shoes: The Bay
Bag: H&M ( old ) similar here
Earrings: The Bay
Lipstick: Rimmel ‘Bordeaux’

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Lulus
Bag: Quinn ( old ) similar here
Necklace: Ana Luisa
Lipstick: Stila ‘Pearla’

Dress: Lulus
Shoes: Lulus
Earrings: The Bay
Bag: Quinn ( old ) similar here
Lipstick: Mac ‘Lady Danger’

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  1. Sofia Y. says:

    I love the emerald green dress but it seems so sophisticated and grown up LOL (I don’t usually wear formal looking attire)

  2. Jayme Jay says:

    Great video as always, and great music/editing. You looked good in everything!, but really amazing in the merlot jumpsuit, that was perfection on you, and had the right hair/accessories.

  3. Rania Zahalan says:

    ouhh  the last dress amazing love it

  4. Noemi Varga-Kokh says:

    Isn’t red and black inappropriate for a wedding? At least where I live they are.

  5. Jennifer Mainor says:

    Just curious…Do you try to purchase more sustainable clothing than not??

  6. Mary Mann says:

    Loved the fact that none of these pieces were black. I like color for wedding guests, no white, no black.

  7. Samy Moyong says:

    Did you there happens to be another YouTuber with the same name as yours and i just clicked on her video thinking it is yours but she was someone else….

  8. TheNicoliyah says:

    Jewel tones really suit you, that red jumpsuit and that green looked amazing on you!😍😍😍😍

  9. Grow Health TV says:

    #4 classic

  10. The Midlife Gallivanters says:

    I loved the floral dress with the tie at the back, but that dark green, fitted dress, looked amazing on you! xo

  11. Helen Victoria says:

    They were all stunning…that emerald green number, WOW 😍💖

  12. Bia dela Vega says:

    outfit #4 😍😍😍

  13. Rosa Ramos says:

    I wore the same color combination of the first outfit to a wedding two years ago. My dress was a shift and I wore pumps.

  14. Claudia coy says:

    You have a very calm style. It’s cute.

  15. HollyJ says:

    I’m all about comfort for weddings ❤️ Great outfits with so many different styles to choose from! The jumpsuit looked so cool. 😍

  16. Sam K says:

    The pink and green are gorgeous colours on you!

  17. Kimberly Perrotis says:

    Outfit 4 is my favorite, I’d call it teal, its a very bluish green, followed by number 2, the jumpsuit. The other dresses are nice, but not as sophisticated, and the floral is a more predictable, if very pretty, choice for a wedding.

  18. Kimberly Perrotis says:

    Erin, I think you are a very talented stylist, and I want you to grow in your success. So, please hear me out. I really recommend trying to minimize the use of the following junk language: like, sort of, basically (filler words), and cute (especially super cute) – it’s not at all descriptive, and paired-up – just say “paired with” or even just “with“. Every generation has its junk filler words; in mine it was (and still is) um, uh and y’know. Allowing a brief pause instead of using fillers is difficult to master in our fast-paced world (when one draws breath to continue, some other speaker cuts them off, or demands “and, what, well?”, etc.), but it is well worth the effort. Ten years ago I had to give some very personal and emotionally stressful testimony in a criminal trial, and I was surprised at how many of these filler words I used when parts of the transcript were read, and court reporters record every single one. I was shocked at how tentative, doubtful and unconfident I sounded. More adult and descriptive language will help increase your appeal to more viewers, and greatly increase your elegance and polish. Instead of super-cute, try to use more meaningful descriptors like “feminine, sophisticated, classic, romantic, edgy, well-cut, sharply-tailored”, etc.). Last, but not least, polish up your grammar, especially regarding subject-verb agreement (a huge problem with YT creators, and not just the young ones!). All day long on YT, I hear “the next thing I want to talk about ARE shoes” instead of “is shoes”, or “the next category I want to talk about ARE accessories” instead of “is accessories”. The form (singular or plural) of the verb has to match the subject, not the object of each sentence. You are certainly better-spoken than most young women, I am not picking on you personally, but anyone with performing arts experience know that no-one bothers to give constructive criticism to those without talent, it’s just not worth the effort. This input is really constructive and and a compliment; you are very talented, have a great online persona, and are certainly worth the time and trouble of mentioning these things; please consider my remarks in this positive spirit.🙂

  19. Efalonda says:

    Red is not allowed no?

  20. Pinco Pallino says:

    5:24 4 rosse

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