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  1. Lori Black says:

    Love the pistachio dress, great bodice and fit… and so you yet with a twist. Your skin (color, texture) is devine looking in that color as well.

  2. georgina Lia says:

    He has soo many clothes!!

  3. Lisa Ryan says:

    I wanted to put “pastels” on my wedding dress code but was talked out of it! Haha . I did tell just about everyone to please wear pastels, though. I did have a few ladies who wore floral dresses with a white background which I was not a fan of. I wouldn’t wear even a speck of white to someone else’s wedding.

  4. Ritu Tandon says:

    oh my gosh your husband is so annoying…his comments on rugs was so……annoying.

  5. Kathy M says:

    Yayyy! 500k subscribers. So well deserved. Congratulations!

  6. Sarah Kirby says:

    Did Lydia Millen copy your entire life or…!? 🤔

  7. Cetin Özden says:

    Hello 🌼

  8. jenny francois says:

    the hat is soooo beautiful…

  9. Tullia Sbarrato says:

    As always I’m loving your content Josie!! Just a tiny tiny correction: most pasta is vegan, having only water, flour and salt in it, apart from specific egg-based kinds of pasta typical of mainly central Italy (Bologna, mainly), like tagliatelle and lasagne. They are collectively called “pasta all’uovo” = egg-based pasta. The kind of pasta you’re using most likely does not contain any egg. A hint is that is not yellow enough 🙂 Always worth a check for your vegan viewer, of course!

  10. Sarah Williams says:

    Loved the mad mix 🤍🌸 and the different angles of get ready shots at the very beginning
    were really cool

  11. Vala Stabler says:

    Your makeup at the beginning of the blog was beautiful. Your skin looked amazing. Love the Amazon fashion. Hugs to the boys!

  12. Chloe Boileau says:

    Where is the dress from at 40:27 please !! 😍😍

  13. Ellen Spencer says:

    What’s the name of your favorite tree in your yard I missed that ? I agree it’s beautiful 🌸

  14. Ellen Spencer says:

    I agree life lessons is more vital to learn I truly enjoy your videos very heartwarming

  15. r l says:

    Josie is beautiful, and a good wife, you do the gardening n cooking well. Lovely couple

  16. Cecilia White says:


  17. Margueritte Twinkle says:

    Ok, the pink top + skirt looks beautiful, but OMG I loved the first Amazon white daisy dress 😍 The hat is so royal, you should keep it…and should keep NOT the espadrilles, it makes you no favor.
    I am shocked with Charlie’s dressing room, it looks fabulous. He is so organized and has amazing taste.

  18. Margueritte Twinkle says:

    I returned here just to say that I did your Vegan Mac & Cheese today and OMG, it is DELICIOUSSSSS. Amazing taste, I didn’t miss the cheese in it at all. Thank you so much, Josie. Please, share more recipes with us in your vlogs.

  19. Christine Sun says:

    so Gorgeous !!! as for the hairband with all the beads.. where’s the link for the hairband?

  20. MSY MSY says:

    The hat looks great on you when your hair was tied up. Seriously! 💕

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