Wedding Dresses for your Body Type by Janita Toerien | Pink Book Weddings

Wedding dress designer, Janita Toerien, explain the 5 MAIN BODY SHAPES for woman and how to find the perfect wedding dress for it.

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Janita Toerien breaks down the 5 MAIN BODY SHAPES wedding dress designers refer to when you come for your dress fitting:
1. Hour Glass
2. Apple
3. Triangle
4. Rectangle
5. Pear

She goes in detail by showcasing the ideal dresses for the individual body shapes with actual brides wearing their wedding dresses.

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  1. A K says:

    This is extremely helpful! Janita’s opinions are indeed very different to the usual recommendations for body types. I’d love to hear what she would say to very tall and very petite girls. I’m 182 cm with a relatively short torso and crazy long legs. I’m really having a hard time finding dresses that look good on me.

  2. C. F. says:

    Thank you this was very helpful.

  3. a1053 says:

    Wait?! You mean, *explaining* why it’s working and using models over size 2?!

    What concept?!
    *Please! Do a reverse series. Like, use a dress and explain what it would do to a body.*

  4. Renée D. says:

    Thank you for demonstrating how to style for muscular arms and shoulders. Most style guides don’t include advice for women with athletic builds, offering only advice on complimenting the hips and bust of a triangle shape. The selection for each model was very flattering and the reasoning behind each pick was easy to understand. I also appreciate seeing these tips demonstrated on models that look like actual brides with real fitting challenges instead of universally slender professional clothes-wearers.

  5. Kaholi Y Zhimo says:

    The second dress is amazingly done😍 I love the designer👍

  6. shada J says:

    The mermaid is not good for pear shape????

  7. Ann Johnson says:

    I don’t what shape. I am? I tend to choose an Aline style. Big beautiful skirt sleeves since I have big arms. So I am big on top large in tummy area and hope. Very skinny legs lol

  8. Tina says:

    The second lady looks nice in her regular clothes, and great in her wedding gown. Apple-shaped women definitely have a challenge finding flattering clothes if they gain excess weight (which she has not).

  9. Marcella Mcduffie says:

    The dresses are beautiful and it’s always a great thing to be fitted for your dress so you will look your best.

  10. Goldie Luxe says:

    Thank you so much fort this. I am apple shape and LOVE the two piece the girl who was apple shape was put into. What is this dress/two piece please? x

  11. Ss cc says:

    What shape is no curves? Skinny, slender & long. What style dress would be best?

  12. LadyDi DNaturalLady says:

    There is no ideal body shape. We need to stop this.

  13. Roimata TearsofSadness says:

    Beautiful 🥰

  14. Jae Rose says:

    If I wasn’t hour glass shaped I’d feel self conscious after watching this 🙁
    Absolutely everybody type is ideal and beautiful!

  15. QuidnunQ says:

    Too bad the inverted triangle is not discussed… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Theresa Hewitt says:

    Thanks doe for the illustration. Very helpful

  17. madison or whateva says:

    Thank you for posting this video and clearly explaining the body types and styles. I’m a triangle body shape and it’s so hard to know what would be flattering on me, considering most models and dresses seem to be geared towards hourglass body shapes. So helpful!!

  18. I Do Be Vibing says:

    Not sure why I’m here….I ain’t even dating anyone smh

  19. Nina Schaefer says:

    Thank you, so kind

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