Hope you guys enjoy todays video!!! I am SO SO excited for my wedding now ahhhhh!! love you angels xxxxxx

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Bridesmaid Dress Fittings, Wedding Hair Ideas + Bridal Shoes Try On

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  1. BusybeeCarys says:

    OMG it’s only been 1 minute and your comments are making my heart shine!!!!! I DON’T DESERVE U GUYS !!!!😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ love u so much my bffl’s

  2. Aroj Seikh says:

    You need tailor master

  3. Lynn Cauthen says:

    The fourth one needed a white zipper. It stood out because it was a different color. Just a white zipper would have made it perfect!

  4. Lynn Cauthen says:

    The top of 5 and the bottom of 3. Perfect

  5. megalocalopez says:

    where is the detachable train one from? designer and style or store? I love it!!

  6. Kim Moran says:

    Omg, I loved the last one you tried on it’s so you. It fits your rustic theme for the wedding. Make sure your father cries when you try them on.

  7. Jae Jamieson says:

    I’m 22 and I’ve never been in a relationship….

  8. Jae Jamieson says:

    The curveball floral fairy princess one is so pretty! I don’t like fitted dresses for a wedding, it’s the one chance to wear a big beautiful dress! But you look 🔥🔥🔥 in all of them

  9. Mariel Rios says:

    Girl you need to breath
    I’m feeling nervous hearing you

  10. Mohammad Aslam says:

    So beautiful hi imiss you

  11. Michelle Jisun Yang says:

    That 5th dress is so so pretty. Love the strapless it looks so good on you

  12. Anagha Tiwari says:

    21.49 😍😍😍 and the one on the mannequin

  13. Dorcas Watson says:

    Just saw your wedding video.
    Absolutely stunning dress 😍

  14. Emily Gallagher says:

    Does anyone know what lipstick she’s wearing at the beginning of the video

  15. Tracy Johnson says:

    How young you look , every dress looks great , you could wear any dress and look fantastic xx

  16. Gloria Graham says:

    Second dress? Detachable train is so beauiful makes you forget what the first dress looked like. Maybe a size bigger.the lace is the most!!! On to the next …third dress pretty, especially the lace in the back but the zipper stands out to much. Big busted ladies need straps for support. When trying on and you keep pulling the top up, you don’t want to be doing that throughout your special day. The flowing ball gown is beautiful. Looks more like a Bride. That is a BRIDAL DRESS!!!! Like a Fairy Bride out of a movie. The short matching veil is beautiful with it. Of course she is pretty in all the dresses. BEAUTIFUL Bride. BEST WISHES.

  17. Laura Clark says:

    First dress!!!! Just a little more room in the thighs

  18. Jessica Fitz-John says:

    Watching old videos because what else is there to do in lockdown 🤷🏻‍♀️ carys looked gorgeous in every dress but her actual dress on the day outshone them all!! ✨

  19. Tristan Miranda says:

    Number 3 was my favorite please don’t get the last one and congratulations 🍾

  20. Monica Hyland says:

    I love the one with the detachable train gurl you work hard for those curves. Puffy dresses are so yuck cupcake but you looked amazing in everything

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