WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING ⎮ Trying on 24 dresses


Hello beautiful friends! I am SO EXCITED to be sharing this video. I had such an amazing time wedding dress shopping. I am so happy to share my wedding dress shopping experience with you. In this video i try on over 20 wedding dresses! I hope you enjoy the video and please let me know which wedding dress was your favorite in the comments. Love you all so much! So excited to bring you along during this wedding planning process. Stay tuned for more wedding series videos PLUS another wedding dress try-on shopping video!

** I did try on a lot of dresses above my price range 😅 the dresses in this video range from $2,000-$5,500. The dress I ended up choosing was in my budget! Thank you God 🙏🏼

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  1. Gisa W Slonim says:

    He hasn’t proposed and you are looking for a wedding dress? Girl, it’s one long step from those first dates to an actual “Will you….?” I waited three years and he didn’t ask so I married someone else who didn’t even live in the USA. Take heed!

  2. unidentified says:

    someone tell me the name of dress 10

  3. ena dio tria says:

    i don’t know if u bought one but 16&19 looked fab on u <3

  4. Virginia House says:

    At the first store I loved 3,4,6 and I even liked the first nightgowny look and I liked the pattern on 2 and I liked the back on 13. You looked great in everything

  5. Virginia House says:

    At the second store I absolutely fell in love with 16 and 19 but I also liked 17 and 24 and I loved the pattern on 21

  6. Virginia House says:

    So I am wondering which three were your faves

  7. Bailey Mae says:

    You looked amazing in them all but my favorites were
    Dress 4 – 7:30
    Dress 17 – 12:13

  8. Réka Gabriella Szántó says:

    When you sad that you like the 3D floral effect. <3 Yes you do...

  9. Honest Naturalbeauty says:

    Love this!!!!

  10. Kara G. says:

    I would love to know the designer of the dress at 10:13!!! That one is gorgeous! I really enjoyed watching this 😊

  11. Jennica Ray says:

    Two minutes in and we’re already very similar. I can’t wait for the rest of the video so I can get more dress inspiration. I’m going to my first appointment this Sunday and I’m very excited!

  12. Amber Batt says:

    Could that sales lady please back off!

  13. Yeeriภ αναкιηㄥιƒє says:

    I like 16

  14. Nada Abo Laban says:

    16 and 19 definitely

  15. Jessica k says:

    Wow 4 was amazing and 19 was a close contender

  16. Ludovica Colzi Bini says:

    my favorite was def dress 19!! you look gorgeous in ALL of them girl!!

  17. Lizbeth Gaytan says:

    18 & 19 💛

  18. Flower Fashion - Made with Love says:

    Dress 5 & 8 & 18

  19. Diamonise Vassell says:

    I love dress 19

  20. kikimuncherr says:


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