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Wedding Dress Part 2

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  1. Hallyu Heaven says:

    I need to do something with mine. It’s currently hanging in my in laws closet cause I didn’t want to bring it when we moved to Alaska. But now we are moving back to Florida. Definitely have to preserve it!

  2. Christine Madrazo says:

    Brava Heather. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jennifer Morris says:

    10 minutes of my life I will never get back.

  4. Lily He says:

    Love your videos. But the beginning title is too long…

  5. Ciliawillia says:

    What a huge box 📦 I don’t have a wedding dress because I was married in Reno Nevada, but I’ve been married happily for 21 years ☺️
    I hope one of your daughters could wear your wedding dress 😊

  6. Krista Biernat says:

    Hi Heather! Love your channel and love you! Message to all future brides or recent brides: dropped my dress off to be preserved and put complete trust and faith in the process/dry cleaners. They basically kept giving me the run around about my dress for over a year “not ready, very dirty, need more time” to find out it was eventually “missing”. I am distraught over this and basically they are doing nothing for me and taking no responsibility. Ugh anyway please make sure you do your research, trust your cleaners, check on your dress and document everything! I would hate to have this happen to anyone else. My dress and my veil gone and the only thing I have left are my shoes. I have a daughter and one on the way and I always imaged them having something of mine on their special day (if they want!) even if it was a piece of my dress :(. Anyway maybe this Weik help someone! I wish I was not so naive!

  7. Darlene Smith says:

    THANK YOU for the info on the dress preservation Heather…My daughter has been married ALMOST 20 years….WOW! And it’s now time to repack hers, which I REALLLLLY HOPE will be worn by one of her 3 girls, my babies..(being a Ganmama is THE BEST–do NOT fear it). And to think her Dad and I are coming up on our 43rd wedding anniversary–my dress would be on its THIRD pack! Damn! Where are the years going?!? Happy Summer!! 💛💛

  8. bettyboop91100 says:

    Heather the video was just Auto

  9. Classic MG says:

    I absolutely adore your show was scrolling on YouTube and Wala here you are 🙂 i’m a huge lover of handbags I’m always in my closet which is too small by the way. I’m a personal trainer at a luxury hotel in Dallas how can I show you what’s in my bag? Keep up the good work Heather peace out 🙂 ✌️

  10. Crystal Flores Leshuk says:

    Perfect timing for this video! I just got married 2 weeks ago (On Friday) and have been trying to figure out what to do with my wedding dress! It’s taking up a huge chunk of my apartment right now and my husband is begging me to get on the ball handling this! I’m just so nervous to trust someone with it. I love my dress so much and want to make sure it’s done properly. I love the idea of taking it to the cleaners and seeing it BEFORE it goes into a box. Where did you get yours done at? I’m sure it’s more than I can afford though! lol. Thanks for the tips!! Appreciate it!

  11. Kaitlyn Holmes says:

    Really loved this video ❤

  12. Dermot Hickey says:

    Is she insane or what ??? Full of shit she is

  13. Kittygirl C says:

    Funniest lady on YouTube!  Perfect comedic timing and informative too!  Thank you Heather!

  14. Stefanie Sombaty says:

    There was a story in our local paper where that very thing happened. A woman’s daughter wanted to wear her wedding dress and when they opened the box after 30 years it was not the correct dress! The cleaner was no longer in business so they were appealing to the public to try to find the dress. I never heard of they tracked it down.

  15. Beth Jones says:

    Heather, I love your channel and watch with my nine year old daughter. I wondered what you do for caring for wool and cashmere. I have lost a few items to moths in the past. What’s your approach?

  16. Oz Kras says:

    Tired of her so boring and self asorbed

  17. Shona k says:

    U have to keep ready in case your one of your daughters need it!

  18. Ivana Pesic says:

    My moms dress is now 32 years old. As far as I can remember it was always hanging in the closet (not even protective cover over it). I remember being in elementary school and sometimes in the morning after my mom went to work and before I went to school I would open closet and look at that dress. I wanted so badly to try it on, but was afraid to mess it up. After we moved from apartment to new house, my parents took some old stuff (wedding dress among them) and put them in closet at my grandparents house. Few years ago, thunder struck my grandparents’ roof and whole roof and top level were under a fire. Thankfully fire was put out in time (everyone was safe). When my father started to rebuild that top level and roof, he went through closets to see what survived. My moms wedding dress survived the fire. It was black from all the smoke but in the end all of that was cleaned up and dress looks like new. Now it is safe in my closet, waiting for my wedding day to be worn again.

  19. dawn ann Gallagher says:

    Leeza Gibbons from Entertainment Tonight or what ever her show was, along with her talk show, on live tv she opened her wedding gown box and her box only had tissue paper. It is common for cleaners to cheat people who save their dress as the dry cleaners know most people won’t open the box. Leeza was so upset. I don’t remember what she did. Other women on the show opened their wedding boxes. Sadly, I don’t remember if other women on the show were ripped off. I think your suggestion for the window into the box is spot on.

  20. clmoss83 says:

    You’re an idiot for going with someone who only guarantees your dress for twenty years. 🙄

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