“We Want Class, That Is NOT Class” Mum Doesn’t Like Bride’s Chosen Dress | Say Yes To The Dress UK

Bride Chengetai has been wedding dress shopping before, but her dream dress was way over her budget. Will her visit to Confetti & Lace finally provide her with the perfect and mum approved wedding dress?

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  1. seaglass22 says:

    The ubiquitous sparkly belt strikes again!

  2. Mangoshateu says:

    You know, I’m not mad at this mom for saying something. She advocated for something more for her daughter because she knew it’s what she liked, not what mom liked.

  3. KT Was Here says:

    You know how 20 years later people always look back at fashions and say “wtf”? Mark my words, come the year 2041 people are going to look at wedding dresses like the one you see at 6.20 and say “oh my god”. Like the way we laugh at 80s wedding dresses today (which people thought were AMAZING at the time).

    Mark my words.

  4. Linda Aitken says:

    Dress 2 looked like my grans net curtains!

  5. Johnna Buzby says:

    The bride looked like she could barely walk in any of those dresses.

  6. bschlem says:

    Wow she is gorgeous!

  7. Shellerjc says:

    Mom,, Its NOT about you Kapish?

  8. Corinne Cunningham says:

    Whyyyyy are moms like thiiiissss!!!!!

  9. _ Kate says:

    David- so, what went wrong?
    Bride- it was way too over my budget.
    David- Oh no! (That was supposed to happen here)
    Beautiful bride and beautiful family though 💕

  10. uzma nasim says:

    Bride with 3000$ budget shows 1500$ dresses
    Bride with 1500 budget shows 2000$+ dresses!

  11. Noreen Clarke says:

    David is hard to like.

  12. MLMLW says:

    When I went wedding dress shopping with 2 of my daughters they picked what they wanted. My oldest daughter picked the dress I loved as well. She & I both love lace & bling. My 2nd daughter, however, is more fond of plain dresses. She tried on dresses that I loved & that she liked but the gown she ended up picking was made of dutchess satin and had a little bling on it. Was it my favorite? No, but I didn’t tell her because when she put it on she radiated beauty & looked so happy in the dress. It’s her day & she picked the dress she loved. She’s tall & thin so quite frankly she looked gorgeous in everything she tried on.

  13. Malingose Nkunika says:

    Bride walks out in the third dress
    Mum: ha!😫
    🤣🤣 I can’t deal

  14. Dolphin9465 3 says:

    The dress she wasn’t able to purchase at the other bridal boutique was beautifullllll on her. What a shame 🙁

  15. Jimna Hilaire says:

    Next time don’t bring momma😱

  16. Ribbin O. Pinion says:

    I had a friend that went to 4 bridal shops with her mother, cousins, friends, and all of them said NO to all 19 dresses she tried on, even though she absolutely loved a good 5 of them. After the last place, she would dress shop in secret, just her. Too many opinions spoiled it for her, so she went alone. No, I was not involved in anything and yes, the bride was using her own money to pay. Anyway, she went back to place #2 (or 3, it’s been years, can’t remember) and got one she had tried on, and I was GORGEOUS. She showed her mom who…loved it, said she didn’t see that one. Friend just rolled her eyes. Point is: don’t take too many people with you. It can really mess up your own opinion. You want to feel and be gorgeous on your wedding day, not have any doubts. I took my own mother, and she said I looked like a big calla lily in my dress, LOL (she loved it, not hated it).

  17. PD Cates says:

    What a beautiful couple!

  18. doris mmm says:

    Hi can anyone tell me plz if there is email or way to contact this channel

  19. Molefe Sky Mleya says:

    I’m here for the Zimbabwean mom who cried. H – how??

  20. Southern Hippie says:

    If it is one thing I have learned from these shows is go shopping by yourself and pay for your own dress because the only opinion that should matter is yours as you are the one that has to wear it.

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