Trying on Cheap Wedding Dresses From YesStyle – Did I waste my money? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Did I waste my money again or did I find my dream dress? Here’s part 2 of “Tina Tries Cheap Online Wedding Dresses” – well these ones aren’t dirt cheap like the Wish ones but they’re still much cheaper than the average cost of a wedding gown.

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Watch my part 1 here: Trying on Cheap Wedding Dresses from Wish

Dresses from YesStyle:
– Angel Bridal – Off Shoulder Lace A-Line Evening Gown
– Sennyo – Halter-Neck Beaded Tulle Evening Gown
– Jinfuna – Embroidered Long-Sleeve A-Line Evening Gown

– Angel Bridal – Sleeveless Trained A-Line Wedding Gown
– MSSBridal – Sleeveless A-Line Wedding Gown / Trained Wedding Gown Long Train
– MSSBridal – Spaghetti Strap Ball Gown Wedding Dress / Long Train Champagne Wedding Dress
– Nymphie – Wedding Veil 300cm x 400cm

Lashes I’m wearing:

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Earrings from:

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Sea of Mars by Jahzzar

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  1. Tina Yong says:

    Thanks for watching part 2! Which dress do you like the best? πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

  2. helloimsusan says:

    The needle was a free gift

  3. ki koo says:

    If you’re not using your gown can u donate it in our country it was not even cheap πŸ€₯😁

  4. Jhenee' Evans says:

    7:33 – Dresses are shipped inside out to protect the beading and lace from shipment damage (tearing, pulling, unraveling, dirt, etc)

  5. Hana Tjia says:

    I just love watching people dressing up.
    I’m not sure why.

  6. Mia Le says:

    That background looks so nice!

  7. carollyn cheeyen says:

    These dresses mostly have funny looking boobpads:((

  8. Cleopetra Megasus says:

    Where r the gloves!! I was waiting for them😭..

  9. Lahari says:

    I like the first one and then I like the last one without the coat thingy .
    Tbh the last one looks soo cute on her 😍

  10. Diya Poojari says:

    I think u should tire indian dress pleaseeeeeπŸ˜‹

  11. Jasmine Paul says:

    I like how the names are just as long as the wish dresses

  12. Sacha Moses says:

    15:00 I think you look gorgeous it that dress

  13. Khadro Qaali says:

    Keep going my sis πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  14. Nt Mn says:

    I am so glad for these videos.

  15. Feimao says:

    Dislike for that strange boob guy

  16. Sharon h says:

    The first dress was my fav.

  17. Joy Renee says:

    Alfred: Don’t look at Tina’s boobs!

    Also Alfred: There’s too much covering her boobs.

  18. Jade Leonen says:

    Can you do most expensive dresses

  19. Lili Soleil says:

    The first and the last πŸ‘

  20. grace potot says:

    Oh my God it is a no no when you bought a dress that still has needle on it… Really dangerous ..needs to inform or claim it to the seller

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