Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses In The World

Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses In The World

Designer Sarah Burton surely make a hit when she design Kate’s wedding dress. The dress is probably will be noted in history as one of the most expensive wedding gowns and most beautiful in the world. Some materials that were used in this dress were English cluny lace, white satin gazar, and French Chantilly. The dress is estimated to have cost around $400,000

This wedding dress was design by Danasha Luxury and Jad Ghandour. The price of this dress is $1.5 million. The dress consist of 75 carats of hand-picked Antwerp, 18k worth of gold and some Belgium diamonds weigh in 250 grams.

This peacock wedding dress was design by Vera Wong. It required 8 professional artisans to stitch the 2009 peacock feathers together in order to create the wedding dress. This elegant and unique dress cost $1.5 million.

this dress was named after the iconic Japanese fashion designer Yumi Katsura. This dress was created with white Gold, finest silk, best satin, a collection of precious gemstones and is hand stitched zari embroidery. In addition, the dress also consist of 100 pearls, rare precious 5 carat white gold diamond, 8.8 carat green diamond placed at its center. The dress cost around $8.5 million.

This wedding dress was created by Renee Strauss and Jeweller martin Katz. They came up with a wedding dresses that is so luxurious and is a true representation of a queen or a fairly tail princess. the dress was made of the finest fabrics that can be found in the world and 150 carats of diamonds which cost the dress around $12 million.

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  1. Caleb Wick says:

    I would blow that peacock feather wedding dress up

  2. MaGuffintop says:

    Thought narrator was speaking a foreign language half the time.

  3. Hira stha. says:

    I don’t like any of them. How can they be cost such expensive.even I can make good designs comparing to them.

  4. ONYOK SIRAM says:

    That peacock dress though😂😂

  5. Alexandra Tanguay says:

    The first diamond dress is ugly

  6. RhondaG Designs Rhonda G Wellman says:

    Kate paid alot for nothing.

  7. Dirk just Dirk says:

    Absolutely Fabulous: Patsy shocked: Eddie, what are you waering?

    Eddie: Darling, it’s Lacroix!
    Patsy: Oh fabulous!
    Bling bling bang

  8. nakinilerak says:

    That peacock dress could have been made for less than £40,000 easy. But why would you? It’s a male dress (only male peacocks put on the show), peacock feathers are widely considered to be unlucky, and what possessed them to use a light-coloured silk as a base? It makes the dress look threadbare and poorly executed. Bah.

  9. Lone Shabir says:

    I like this dress gorgeous

  10. F r a n c h i n e says:


  11. its britneybyotch says:

    I hope they don’t kill the peacock for that dress… I guess it’s a no?

  12. neelimam10 says:

    Who actually paid for Royal dress?

  13. Phat Girl says:

    I woulda been shocked if someone paid $2,000 for that gawd awful ugly peacock dress!

    Someone “saw that bride coming”!

    What a waste of good cash!

  14. robertn800 Nelson says:

    So Stupid & Wasteful to use real diamonds on a dress when CZs or the more expensive (but still a lot cheaper) synthetic diamonds that even De Beers is selling, would look just as striking- And a BIG Plus is they aren’t Blood Diamonds.🩸-I can’t Stand Stupid ! 🤪

  15. karen Ferris says:

    I hope the feathers on the peacock dress are faux. I always thought a real peacock defat her would be great to decorate with. Then I went to Frankenmuth in michigan. they have live peacocks with missing feathers. They don’t regrow. A few of them had less than ten features left. It looked hideous.

  16. Neha Sonavane says:

    Peacock dress designer ka name kya hai

  17. Bhaskar Patil says:

    That peacock dress was amazing but they have to care about peacocks😐😣😮😯🙁😟😦

  18. Bhaskar Patil says:

    But the dresses can be more aadorable if work hard for it, the dresses were only a fasion, 😁😂😃😄😅😀😊

  19. christine evans says:

    Beaut dresses RUBBISH MUSIC spoiled it

  20. Vidya Mukane says:

    The isha ambani wedding lehenga is very expensive

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