These 6 wedding dresses made history and why Meghan Markle’s dress didn’t ǀ Justine Leconte

The Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan had made headlines throughout the world. Though I don’t think that the most original / unique bridal fashion is seen at state weddings: in this video, I explain why Meghan (and Kate, Diana or Elizabeth II before her) must abide by the rules and codes of the protocol when picking their wedding dresses. Meghan Markle is marrying into a very codified royal family and her Givenchy dress was logically inspired by previous royal brides.
In the video, I give you my personal TOP 6 list of truly original wedding dresses: it is a completely subjective ranking, of course. You can take it as a source of inspiration or simply enjoy the beautiful fashion and artistic creativity!

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  1. Savannah Nault says:

    I totally forgot about Kate Moss’s dress! Hers is my favourite!

  2. Alexandra Noel Howlett says:

    How come Grace Kelly’s dress is not in the list. I would put it right after Queen Victoria’s (only because she started the white colour trend). Every bride knows Kelly’s dress and every third is inspired by it, I think.

  3. Tricia Byrne says:

    Fergie’s wedding dress beat them all.

  4. frusia123 says:

    I liked Meghan’s dress. I found it simple but interesting at the same time. Unembellished, yet original, different. Kate’s dress was not “different”, it looked very typically of a wedding dress. I’m not saying that it wasn’t beautiful or that it didn’t suit her, it just wasn’t memorable to me.

  5. Tanya Roub says:

    Loved Megan’s dress above all others. It reminded me of the Guinevere gowns from the Authur movies and with the ceremony aptly launched a new chapter in royal weddings. And loved Dianna’s gown in a time where fashion was big and bold. Not a fan of Catherine’s dress.

  6. Jennifer Barnard says:

    My favourite was Catherine’s also. Very simple and elegant. Xx thank you

  7. Katie De Luise says:

    Meghan’s dress was so white she stood out , and what made it all work was that beautifully veil and sparkling tiara .

  8. Angela Hurworth says:

    I had a wedding dress by Gina Fratini at the end of 70s. In silk and lace with an under bodice. Loveliest dress of all

  9. Hilda Barboza says:

    Princesa Diana by far the most beautiful bride of them all. She looked like a True Princess

  10. Tanaya Mondal says:

    I like Lady Diana’s fashion …..she was looking too puffy and cute enough … moreover she was too beautiful

  11. Renee Williams says:

    Not to talk down about Kate Middleton at all, but I think her sister’s dress was really the one that stole the show.

  12. louiseju says:

    I saw Kate Moss’s wedding dress at V&A at an exhibition. It wasn’t one of my favourites originally, but it was extremely beautiful in real life. The embellishments were out of this world and it looked practically heavenly.

  13. Caroline Kofahl says:

    Maybe because I’m a Dane I prefer Queen Margrethe’s dress from 1967

  14. Kimberly Allen says:

    Grace Kelly and Meghan Markels dress was gorgeous

  15. itisonlyme1 says:

    I always thought Yves Saint Laurent designed Bianca Jagger”s wedding suit?

  16. CHERIBO _ says:

    Audrey’s dress is gorgeous

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