The Most Revealing Wedding Dresses | Say Yes To The Dress

Watch some of the most revealing dresses to ever be featured on Say Yes to the Dress.
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  1. Ella Smith says:

    Why do I get serial killer vibes from the first women?

  2. mel.storiesss says:

    i feel like that blue dress would look incredible with a top and not just 2 circles and it would also look good in white but i like the blue too

  3. Serenity Chloe says:

    It wasn’t even low lmao

  4. Serenity Chloe says:

    Oh god. I really hated this video. Those dresses weren’t revealing at all.

  5. Nah Bruh says:

    So trashy

  6. Valeria Oblitas says:

    Me encantó el último vestido 😍😍😚😚 Tenía que ser de la colección de Randy jaja lo amooo

  7. Anastasia Vandyke says:

    I love the blue gowns bottom, but I definitely don’t like the top.

  8. PRIYANKA HV says:

    How old is this show.?

  9. claire o'neal says:

    the blue dress gave me major cinderella vibes! personally, i would like more coverage on the top but she looked absolutely stunning!

  10. Kaleyah Halley says:

    Bride-to-be: “Wrap coco in the veil!”
    Me: YEET HIM DOWN THE AISLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Annabelle Rose says:

    She doesn’t look like a stripper! She looked amazing:( I loved how that dress fit her!

    Also how is the one girl having too much cleave but the girl with the blue pasties as the top of her dress all fine? It’s a beautiful dress! Like damn Cinderella but I think there should have been a little more connection between the bottom and top? So it looks more uniform like a dress not 2 pieces? Looks like a skirt and pasties ( x Y x ) lol

  12. m. Vardanian says:

    that dress was made for her gorgeous skin color

  13. Hellybelle says:

    I thought the blue dress was truly spectacular, I also think it needed more of a bodice, as the circles made me think of a mermaid. I would love to see the dress in white too. She will be a stunning bride.
    In the one where they said she looked like a stripper, all they would’ve needed to do was line the bodice. It was beautiful on her.

  14. Sadie D says:

    Why do I feel nauseous when she says cleeeve

  15. youejtube says:

    I’m sorry, but a real-life ‘literal’ 21st-century princess would probably not be caught dead in that blue dress. A ‘real-life’ fantasy Disney princess however…

  16. Ana Luiza says:

    Omg the first dress is not even a big deal!!! Why people are complaining about that 😱

  17. alex2622 alex2622 says:

    Omg Randy looks so young in this lol!

  18. Suzanne Brady says:

    that gal that is wanting to show her breasts implants off, has NO class whatsoever. I feel sorry for her family;( so embarrassing for them.

  19. Unicorn_ Kitty says:

    While I agree that that the bride’s opinion matters the most, I think that the focus should be on the BRIDE and not the dress.

  20. amstergal says:

    I’m over it, why the h—- doesn’t she just go topless? Isn’t one’s wedding the one place left in this world where modesty and respect can still exist? And she didn’t care what her Grandmother thought, she hasn’t realized yet how precious life is it seems.

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