The Most Magical Winter Wonderland Dresses | Say Yes To The Dress

See some of the most magical winter wonderland dresses from the show, including some amazing sparkly ballgowns and princess dresses!

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  1. jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia says:

    I don’t like the upper part the dress it self isn’t bad it looks good but maybe I’m more of a traditional person

  2. Sarah H says:

    am I the only one who never likes how the veil looks once added to the dress??

  3. Julianna & Mira says:

    That last mom…I’m sorry, I want my mom to love my wedding dress too, but if you think I’d be changing my entire dress to please the woman who’s not getting married. Ha! Never

  4. Whitney Mccurdy says:

    Everyone is talking about the gergeous blue dress and how the top is taky and no one is talking about the cheap mom that only said she likes the dress bcz it below her budget shit the dress doesn’t look nice at all I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress like that and people the top of that blue dress can be altered

  5. Marissa Moonlight says:

    People trying too force the first bride to cover up and being “jerks” the first blue dress was fine and the bride can wear whatever she wants too when she wants too, you insecure women really need too grow up on the comments, what if she first bride with the blue dress with the pads on her boobs, what if her man wants her too be more sexy and reveal more? It’s only her man and hers business and that’s preety much it. Her man might like some boobs showing. It’s total facts 💯%

  6. Marissa Moonlight says:

    Women need too stop being so insecure. The first bride in the blue dress can wear whatever she wants too and show off her boobs if she wants too with those blue pads and so stay quiet please because what if HER Man recommended wanting too see some boobs from his new wife? Seriously why do every woman and girl have such childish and pre – teen insecurity towards whatever another woman wears that it’s pathetic and any woman who keeps telling another woman too *cover up* Or that they’re isn’t enough coverage. Well so what? It’s HER wedding day and if she wants too wear that dress with the blue pads for her man than that’s none of you insecure women’s business on the internet at all period. It’s so annoying how catty and insecure other women can be buy judging her because it’s not fully covering her chest!!! Ladies online get over your preety selfs before all of you get dumped for more mature women who don’t judge other women just cause they choose a dress that show boobs. (“Just get over yourselves”) your honestly so preety, it’s dumb.

  7. Thabang Kethobile says:

    Apollo’s girl made this show too?

  8. Susan Dent says:

    Dress 3 is INCREDIBLE. I wish she could go for it! So is dress 1… the ice blue creation. I would have liked a tiny bit different than just the two circles at the top… but it’s a truly unique and stunning gown.

  9. Amy CPooh says:

    I love the fact that Randy made his dresses more affordable…every one would love a designer dress but aren’t able to.

  10. Althea Banlota says:

    all the dresses were really beautiful ,but the blue one really stand out.

  11. Assassin'sCreedFangirl12 says:

    Randy’s could’ve put more coverage ontop 😅

  12. su hanna says:

    I’d want to wear the same blue dress in a white colour with net glitter and flowered sleeves. Winter wedding feels ❄️ (FINAL).

  13. lizzy jo says:

    I sent a picture of the Dress to Pablo at the Prison! What? Did Pablo work at the Prison or is he getting out of Prison??

  14. Melissa Offenburger says:

    Honestly.. have you ever seen a princess wearing a dress with boob pads? I mean really?

  15. Chinchilla Majesty says:

    To be honest, I am obsessed with the blue dress!

  16. Pam Fink says:

    The blue would have been much prettier with a different bodice, too sheer with the cupcake looking appliques over the breasts just took away from it

  17. Amber Gamez says:

    Uhm isn’t Apollo Phaedra’s ex husband and this woman is married to him like girl u really blind

  18. Jemy Du says:

    I’m a blue girl so Randy dress took my breath away. But the top part ruined it all 😶😶😶

  19. yvonne Mc Cullagh ward says:

    Now she matches the dogs…a dogs dinner 🤪

  20. Diane Rebello says:

    It’s fantastic I would love to have tried that dress on

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