The 2021 New in Simple and Minimalistic Wedding dresses simple minimalist weddingdress

If you don’t like rhinestones, if you are tired of all that lace, if you don’t want to look like all the other brides but want to keep your style and be elegant, then you are probably looking for a minimal wedding dress. Many famous designers create gowns in this style



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  1. Cat says:

    Classicly simple & elegant. Just lovely.

  2. Valeria Magni Magni says:

    Sono bellissimi

  3. Nicky Alexa says:

    I cant believe this video doesn’t have more views. The filming, models, music, and the dresses were fantastic. The 2nd dress almost seemed to have a life of it’s own.

  4. Elisabeth Volmar says:

    Is there a website for the 2nd dress please?

  5. Clara Da Silva says:

    Dommage que on ne pense pas aux personnes avec en peu plus de formes

  6. Olebogeng says:

    Gorgeous dresses and the models are stunning ❤

  7. Mae Mistica says:

    Whats the name of the music played in this video? I think its good for bridal entrance.. somebody help me know the title of the song

  8. Sandra Smith says:

    Nice dresses, but not my style. My boobs wouldn’t fit into them! Lol

  9. Barbara Ott says:

    Saved for the first nekline

  10. Bunny B says:

    Yes this wedding dress are gorgeous because is worn by the SKINNY N TALL MODEL. in reality people are not that SKINNY N TALL. so I guess is a DECEPTION

  11. Dexter echiverri says:

    The 2nd dress with the removable sleeves literally took my breath away.

  12. Janet Partyka says:

    The gowns are gorgeous. What was the reason for not showing the back of at least 7 of the dresses? Perspective brides want to know.

  13. saris Palacios says:

    Que bonito …!!!

  14. monica martin says:

    The second dress with the sleeves removed is so elegant & gorgeous. I would definitely wear it.

  15. Sabrina Giannotta says:

    Che meraviglia 😱😱😱😱classe e semplicità, assolutamente magnifici

  16. West Winds says:

    Minimalist . . .yes. Over priced dresses for not much in return. Save the fancy gowns for the rich who can afford big, fancy weddings in gated off-shore or destination venues. So many of these minimalisr dresses look like slips or nightgowns. They are little more than two side seams and a pair of darts.

  17. Rosemarie Franzese says:

    Why don’t you show the BACKS of the dresses as well??!!!!

  18. Kno Name says:

    Would love to see how these dresses look on a curvy full figured women…can we get a part 2..

  19. Robinson Ezequiel Roque says:

    Esta hermoso y bello para una damas hierros

  20. White Rose Production says:

    This is everything!

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