Sister Publicly Livestreams Criticisms About Brides Wedding Dress, Family Plays It Down rAITA

Reddit Stories in today’s r/aita, OP has just got married and his sister owns a social media page which criticises fashion so when attending her brothers wedding she decides to live stream the wedding whilst criticising the wedding dress and venue. Brother wants sister to apologise publicly for doing so by family thinks otherwise.

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  1. Catie Anne says:

    If someone buys something with their own money, it is theirs, even if they are a minor. It doesn’t matter if you’re their parent.

  2. Charon Dusk says:

    Story 1 – Okay, for starters, while I definitely think it’s a NTA, OP made a mistake. As soon as he noticed her recording, he should’ve took the phone and tossed it in a nearby sink, everything else be damned, ESPECIALLY if he knew exactly what kind of shit she got up to. Yes, he stepped in when he noticed her talking shit about the dress, but it was too little, too late.

    Also “It was an opinion on the dress, not the wife, so it’s not personal!!!” Uhhhh…yes it is? With any outfit, if you criticise it, you’re indirectly (or directly in this bitch’s case) criticising the person wearing it, basically insinuating they are an idiot with no taste. When that comes to something as emotionally charged as A FUCKING WEDDING DRESS….well, sis was lucky all she had to do was apologise, instead of ending up out on her ass with some teeth missing.

    As for the parents, they’d have been out on their asses, too, for enabling this shit. “Came to support OP and his wife” No, she came to be a bitch and get FB likes. She’s a bully and deserves to be called out.

  3. CrackersL says:

    Story 2, my parents were like that, and I am no contact now. You have no idea what having no rights under the roof of authoritarian parents does to your mental health. It took forever to learn that I don’t have to ask permission from the people around me to do or say things, and it sounds like the son isn’t really causing issues, and seems like a pretty independent type of person. I would be surprised if that kid continues to stay in contact with their parents. Parents have to die for children to survive, that doesn’t mean a literal death, it means the parents have to willingly give up the roll of being a parents in order for children to become adults.

  4. Dire Wolf says:

    Love the “did you fight for custody” on story 3 like every man has millions to fight the courts biased decision against men or the ones that immediately go to accusing him of abuse, not because they have anything proving or even implying that he is abusive but simply because he has a penis he has to be abusive. Sexism works both ways it’s just more socially acceptable to shit on men

  5. belial says:

    story 1: so the sister humiliating and insulting the bride on her wedding to literal strangers across the world, that’s fine. But “humiliating” the sister on a private event where only friends and family will see and hear it, *that’s* where they draw the line? the hypocrisy is insane

  6. StoryGirl83 says:

    If I was a parent I’m not sure I would let a kid have a phone, but if I was going to do that I would make that decision before they were born and make it clear while they were growing up, no phone until such and such an age. And honestly, I’m not sure I’d include a sixteen year old as a kid. Sure, they are still a minor and there might be limits on it, such as no internet access on the phone or flip phone (which what I have), but I think a sixteen-year-old, especially if they have a license (which I didn’t at that age, but I suspect this kid does unless his parents prevented that, too), a phone seems pretty reasonable.

  7. Bobbie Grimes says:

    Story 2: The son got his own phone and had his own plan. Sounds like the parents crossed the line on being bullies. OP is the AH.

  8. Undomaranel says:

    Story 1: Come on. You DON’T colorfully criticize someone’s outfit in front of them unless you’re looking to expose their (justified) reaction. That was bullying, regardless of whether it was sitting at lunch with the gals or making a video to share. Find a better way to criticize if you must, but don’t do it to people unless you have their permission.

    Story 2: We need to know how he’s broken your trust, dad. Is it he’s forgotten chores occasionally or did he forget to drive a medicine to grandpa who wound up in the hospital? Is he just a teenage boy and you’re worried about what he’ll explore on his own online? The simple compromise so he can feel safe in emergencies: a flip phone or OG indestructible Nokia. If he’s still upset he can’t look up answers online at school, tell him school is for learning facts forever and not how to google on a whim and that they let students use laptops for a reason. Regardless, clearly talk about what steps he has to take to prove he’s worthy in your eyes for the responsibility of having a smartphone. He needs to trust you like you need to trust him, and that can only come through working together and giving him opportunities to both fail and succeed. Are there plenty of bad choices online? No doubt. But he’ll never learn how to say no or divert back to his responsibilities if you don’t support him in the opportunity to do so.

    Story 3: More info needed. If we heard my dad’s side of our story, it would be that mom snuck out with us, he was always there and a good parent but she was brainwashing us against him. We never wanted to go on visits because of her. We didn’t invite him to events because of her, etc. The truth (as the eldest of three girls): they were both abusive, he sexually abused me on top of it, and the courts forced us to go on visits or else custody would be re-evaluated. I flat out didn’t want to be around him yet was forced to for my sisters. I didn’t invite my abuser to my events because I didn’t want him there. Mom was been abusive too, but she took steps to change and didn’t slap or yell at us nearly as much, but we later cut each other off. He never tried to take any responsibility, it was always someone else’s fault (including me lol. His official story was that then 12 year old me was seducing him… it was an unfinished house and I was sleeping in a t-shirt and gym shorts on the living room floor while everyone else was in their rooms and mom was at work that was apparently so seductive he couldn’t help himself. The courts threw the entire accusation out because of unsubstantial evidence, even though on later visitation he would come into my room and grab my hip or shoulder after just staring for a while, which I knew because I feigned sleep when he was coming home from work and PTSD driven hypervigilance. Of course that was just nothing, right dad? Like how the “non-abuse” occurred at the same time you and mom were trying for another kid, you were constantly criticizing her and your weight, and we found questionable porn on the computer…?) If it is truly as the narrator says, then good on him for sticking it out, though speaking it out and saying “actions speak louder than words, am I really what your mom says I am” would carry weight if you’re living up to it. But jaded me who’s been around the block before knows better. My own sisters didn’t understand why I hated being around dad to the point of inviting him to their weddings and receptions and whatnot, (we didn’t tell them about the specific abuse until adulthood because mom didn’t want them to fear their dad and I was guarding them on visits, though they remembered me being slapped and yelled at and not being allowed to go to school with bruises before the split), but they knew from his behavior over visits and how he intentionally pushed restrictions that it wasn’t mom being venomous. If you haven’t been duplicitous, you have nothing to fear. If you have and are intentionally being an unreliable narrator, dodging your responsibility in your own story, man, grow up and face the music.

  9. Amanda Geyer says:

    First story: The sister was a hateful, hurtful [female dog], who needed to be the center of attention on SOMEONE ELSE’S WEDDING DAY! What the actual eff. The parents are doormats, and good on Groom/Brother for standing up against Wannabe-Influencer. May he and his bride have a lovely life, without horrible sister’s intrusions.

  10. Pamela Stevenson says:

    What happened to “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Even Kindergartners know this. Period. The sister was rude and totally inappropriate.

  11. D H says:

    The story about the father whose kids turned on him: I wonder if people would try and call the narrator “unreliable” if OP was the mom (probably not)

  12. Faith VonHandorf says:

    Story 3: I am a child of divorce with a strained relationship with my father and I would have to say everyone sucks. Something they beat into you in divorce classes is never talk negatively to your children about the other parent if you can help it. The mom sucks for that reason. The dad however seems to be playing things up on his end. I had a difficult relationship with my father for years not because of things my mother said but because of things HE did. Kids aren’t dumb and becoming an adult changes perspective in a lot of ways. His relationship with his children is his responsibility.

  13. miss cat says:

    For story 3 I was reminded of my dad. He constantly talked shit about my mom stuff like ” I loved your mom but she decided to break my heart, she doesn’t love you she will leave you, leave your lives in the states and live in Mexico because I love you more than your mom.” It’s only in the past two year’s that I realized that my dad was committing parental alienation and its been hard to sort through all of the shit that my dad told me and it does fill me with guilt that I constantly thought bad of my mom. The stuff he told me had messed me up, I was extremely aggressive tword my mom, I thought the worst of her, and it definitely negatively effected my mental health( I thought that I was alone when I lived with my mom and siblings since they were secptical of my dads claims and I believed him whole heartily) .The only reason why I realized what happened to me was through reading about someone’s experience with parental alienation and the fact that we barely talk to each other.

  14. louella charlton says:

    Tyvm Mark for all you do to bring us these great stories. Enjoy them so very much. Stay safe. Peace

  15. Aliquot8 says:

    *#3 • 🧇🌶️ AITA for …* 🍮🍦🥧🍰

    11:57 • *… telling my daughters that I made a mistake by choosing to stay in their lives?*

    13:57 • *???* →» Information is missing / not enough information. Tragic. Parental alienation. *But blame your ex, not your children.* Write it all out in a letter – the story from your perspective, with all your feelings. Reflect & revise after one week. You can then choose whether or not to send it. *Get therapy.*


  16. Grant Z says:

    Story 2. I don’t feel there is near enough information to make a judgement. OP is very vague about their son’s actions that warrant him to be irresponsible and not trust worthy. Without examples, I dont believe a judgement can be made fairly.
    And so many other questions….how was the son able to buy a phone and plan? Ordering online requires some sort of bank card. Sometimes you can make a purchase with a prepaid card, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a site that allows that. Maybe bought a gift card for that service and did it that way? Does the sin have a bank account? How dud he earn the money?and how will he be able to continue paying?
    If the son has odd jobs, and a bank account, obviously he isn’t that irresponsible. But we dont know. Most carriers require you to be 18 and sometimes proof of income and a credit check (I don’t know about prepaid)
    I feel these questions need to be answered in order to truly give a proper verdict

  17. Aliquot8 says:

    *#2 • 🌶️🧇 AITA for …* 🧃🧊🥛🥂

    6:32 • *… not letting my son have a phone?*

    8:13 • *YTA* →» You crossed *way over the line* barging into his room, much less turning off the power. He is 16, yet you give him no privacy, no autonomy, & believe his property is yours to seize. Phone booths are extinct. At the very least, your son needed an *emergency phone* with no internet & limited calling. No wonder he bought his own phone & data plan. *Apologize!* Otherwise, when your son turns 18, he will move out & cut all contact with you.


  18. magma1lord says:

    Story 2 reeks of child abuse

  19. DiddyKitty746 says:

    Hope everyone is having a good day :3

  20. Aliquot8 says:

    *#1 • 🧇🌶️ AITA for …* 🍊🍇🍑🍎

    0:34 • *… making my sister publicly apologize for just giving her opinion on my wife’s wedding dress?*

    3:21 • *NTA* →» Your sister didn’t just diss the dress, she also mocked the venue, food, & your guests and *she did it all on a live stream, during your ceremony/reception!* What she did was the pinnacle of disrespect & rudeness! *If your sister is an AH in a public forum, she should eat crow publicly as well.* Check that she deleted that video! Go NC & tell her flying 🐒s they can shut up or suffer the same!


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