Penthouse Model Shops For A Sexy Wedding Gown – Brides Of Beverly Hills 113 – Sunny And Tracey

Sunny Leone, the only Indo-Canadian to grace the cover of Penthouse magazine comes in to Renee’s store to look for her wedding gown.

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  1. Re Gee says:

    These dresses with the pick-ups….just. no.

  2. Brinda v says:

    She is a beautiful soul..

  3. Ann Swaydis says:

    That is the ugliest cake I ever saw. The green looks like the grinch rotten gump

  4. Mr. Rossy says:

    What?!?! sunny Leone was on this show…I used to see this clips of this show like 4 or 5 years I am getting recommendations again..I never expected to see her
    Edit : oh I think I used to watch this show on another youtube channel

  5. jenny kastelic says:

    best so far!

  6. Mr. Rossy says:

    This episode is really nice.. sunny is so sweet and her relationship with her brother ❤️..
    Then Tracey and her mother-in-law..she is so lucky to have a mother-in-law like that

  7. Elaine Jones says:

    I can’t believe some of these dresses. They are way OTT and trashy!

  8. Tash Edwards says:

    I hate the wedding dresses in comparison to Kleinfeld dresses

  9. shushuwu says:

    That group of sloppy women, sitting there like I don’t know if the dress is up to our standards🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. love livi says:

    The dress tracie picked was so ugly! I know these episodes are old but damn

  11. Mel Robertson says:

    The blond bride you can hear her WAY before you even see her

  12. yvonne Mc Cullagh ward says:

    These dresses are all gross.The more Mooney the more ostentatious the dresses become ,heavy and over the top.Yuck!! What is the saying,more money than sense

  13. Stephanie Champagne says:

    This show isn’t actually real though….. right?

  14. Shari Thompson says:

    Ok, I’ve decided. I hate this show.

  15. Hendra Lesmana says:

    Insane expensive price n u got trash wedding gown

  16. Deanna Marusarz says:

    Is this even a real show and that cake was ridiculous

  17. Shweta says:

    Sunny Leone is such a sweet soul and look at her now she had recently bought her dream house in India. She has two handsome boys and a beautiful girl. She had adopted a beautiful baby girl and then she had twins .

  18. Joanna DeChenne says:

    Imagine if Gok, Randy or Lori saw the dresses in this shop. They would be mortified. Hideous frocks.

  19. Renee Williams says:

    Very disappointing that someone working for the store would try to sell their own brand of shoes before they even helped a bride find a gown. Did she forget that’s the main reason people are coming into this business for!After helping the young lady find a dress, she could have suggested that they also sell shoes…if the bride was interested. But not start off trying to sell her personally made shoes on the show…that was tacky.🙄

  20. Antoinette Marlow says:

    18:57 – How much is it worth or how much are you asking?

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