My Stepdaughter Destroyed My Daughter’s Wedding Dress Now She Can’t Believe I’m Suing Her

I’m a mother of 2. My biological Daughter (22) and my stepdaughter (23). Both girls grew upon together and my husband passed away years ago.

My stepdaughter has a competitive personality. She’s always in race with my daughter in everything from simple achievements like getting higher grades to bugger achievements like graduating, owning a car, getting engaged first. My daughter doesn’t care about being first or last, not only is she not the competitive type but she’s also non confrontational so I sometimes find it necessary to step in and tell my stepdaughter to stop making her sister feel like she’s in a race with her and complaining about stuff my daughter got to do first.

My daughter got engaged when her stepsister has already been engaged and for 8 months. The problem began when my daughter announced her wedding date despite being engaged for just 2 months. My stepdaughter didn’t like that and tried to get ahead and plan her wedding ass soon as possible but couldn’t find a venue with a date earlier than my daughter. My stepdaughter tried convincing my daughter to slow down and put off the wedding but it’s impossible since everything has been set. My daughter is getting married at the end of Aug.

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  1. Obese Flea says:

    Story 1:
    AITA for demanding my stepdaughter to pay for my daughter’s wedding dress that she ruined?
    Story 2: 3:52
    AITA for consistently correcting my mom when she mispronounces my daughter’s name?
    Story 3: 7:24
    AITA for telling my Dad that I’d rather die from have to take care of my Autistic brother?
    Story 4: 10:42
    AITA For Deliberately Buying My Brother a Cheap Wedding Gift
    Story 5: 15:07
    AITA for demanding MIL apologize to my maid of honor, if she wants to come to the wedding?

  2. Paula Howlett says:

    First story, op take her to court, also tell her she is no longer welcome in your home, tell her you know longer want anything to do with her.if you disown her maybe she will realize she is being a self centered asshat.get the court case going so she can get served the papers. Also tell her you stopped nothing cause I am buying her another dress

  3. Slicksterpat says:

    Teach your daughter to ignore anything your mom says to her unless she uses her proper name.

  4. Marina Dubois says:

    Don’t leave the step daughter anything in your will.

  5. jose vargas says:

    Last story what are you people 🚬 mil was rude period she owes an apology and maybe needs to gef the sense god gave her back into her. Somebody is hurt in hospital and friend is stepping back for family. I would have disowned Mil

  6. Marina Dubois says:

    The average cost of a plated dinner at a wedding is $40.00. The average buffet meal is $27.00.

  7. itazuranakisu says:

    The father should just save up whatever savings, 401k etc he has, find a state power of attorney that will pay the brothers bills for care etc and look for a place that has a good reputation. The very least the siblings can do is visit and ensure he’s not being abused or neglected as some places will do just that if they know families aren’t involved. This way the daughter can live her life but the father can have some peace knowing the son is taken care of.

  8. silverstar moon says:

    The first story, I have feelings stepdaughter is envy op’s daughter. I didn’t blame op to take stepdaughter to court.

  9. theuglykwan says:

    Story 1 – step daughter can sell her wedding dress and cancel her wedding. she can practice what she preaches by postponing her own if she cares about being reported to the police. Fuck the payment plan if she doesn’t do those things. Do not let her cake eat. She needs consequences or this will never end. Do not let your spine soften or you are just enabling her. Also cut that bitch off. Mother has failed her by still maintaining contact after all this time and knowing what she has been doing all her life.

  10. India Shanté says:

    I would have been tempted to gouge the stepsister’s eyes out if that were me. That bitch would be DEAD to me! SMH

  11. Arianne Justia says:

    Hi, just a suggestion. I think you need to make your videos louder because my volume is on max and its still kinda hard to hear. The ads are louder than your videos.

  12. shells500tutubo says:

    I had a boss back in the nineties who had an adult autistic son, a little verbal, but bot capable of living independently. He and his wife looked into a group home of four autistic adults with two caretakers at all times (shift work) on site. HE LOVED IT and didn’t want to come home except for day visits, and eventually the parents had to visit HIM.
    OP is right. The brother probably won’t care, at least not in the way the father does. He needs to be around other people to interact with them. He will probably function at a higher level with socialization.

  13. shells500tutubo says:

    Story 1- be sure to communicate via text messages with your stepdaughter so you will have evidence that she admits to having destroyed the dress. Sometimes homeowners insurance may pay for things like that, but I would still go after her for the money.
    And password protect every single vendor and the venue and give them the name and a photo of your stepdaughter as a precaution.

  14. Yaqbul Yakkerbat says:

    Story4: your wife is what we in the industry call “A doormat”. Secondly it sounds like Tom married into his kind of people since they’re ignorant and entitled to an absurd degree.

  15. Ann Victor says:

    Oh, just tell your mother why you broke a three-generation name tradition with your daughter and tell her that if she won’t pronounce her granddaughter’s name correctly, she won’t get to see or talk with her granddaughter.

  16. Linda Jacobs says:

    Story 5: Do some of the responses read the same thing I read? Jessica might have been out of line, but MIL was the real bitch. What idiot thinks Jessica should no longer work as a nurse? Oh, a big one! Hopefully, MIL’s boyfriend saw her as she really is!


    First story, step d can definitely pay for the dress immediately, and resave for her own wedding, seeing as it is still a while off. Consequences needed.

  18. Laura Muller says:

    Name story I would start calling my mom by her first name and wrong every time

  19. Madison Knight says:

    Stepsister destroyed the dress then her fiance is all like We’ll pay you back for it, promise. But AFTER stepsister gets what she wants! What she wants is to get married first. He’s a good choice for stepsister an enabler or an accomplice don’t matter if it’s before or after the fact

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