Mum Doesn’t Like That Dress Accentuates Bride’s “Junk In The Trunk”? | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

A bride can be indecisive for many reasons, but in this case, it seems like all the indecision might be stemming from the bride’s mother!

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  1. Brenda Smith says:

    The mother totally took her daughter’s confidence away with manipulation and power!! The mother had that ‘ confederate energy’!!!

  2. Judy Beck-McDonald says:

    Omg if I were her I would not invite my mom on the next dress shopping trip!!!! The mom was down right mean.

  3. Lisa Dunkle says:

    What a narcissist! Ugh 😑. Poor girl. 🙁

  4. trisha holland says:

    This mom is awful.

  5. Shirley Senkler says:

    The first dress was gorgeous on her! I think the mom just doesn’t want her to get married at all.

  6. Dodie D says:

    This is why you should shop alone or bring one person with you.
    I shopped alone and everyone loved my dress. It was a surprise to everybody.

  7. Seo says:

    Holy— she’s 23?????! Omg she looks matureeee

  8. TVGirlfriends dressingservice says:

    That first dress was perfect on her, the last one was crunchy satin but she did look like a 50’s princess in it, so love. Mom needs to let go.

  9. Maggie fraz says:

    She’s not a mother a real mother would be supportive. . I don’t like this woman beatch !

  10. Wallflower says:

    The Mom is right about the dress. It’s ugly. It look like cheap material and the lace in the from is just bad.

  11. Rick Neenan says:

    Shuffle her deck…go Lori…😂

  12. N G says:

    she literally just manipulated her daughter into not buying that dress.. that was awful to watch. she said from the start “I have no opinion she picks what she wants” but you can tell she wants to be in control of her decisions. just want to be so covert about it… like its the cost of the dress? and YOU are HER voice of reason? as if she’s not a grown ass woman? give me a break. Mom can’t handle her daughter being happy from her own choices. bitter, rude, negative, and very manipulative. I hope this bride found/can find her voice. If this is how her mother is acting going WEDDING DRESS shopping, I don’t want to know how she was during the wedding planning or even to the bride growing up. Kudos to the SYTTD team for not overstepping and getting disrespectful w mama. because I would have.

  13. Jace Eileen says:

    Would love to know if the bride came back to get this dress, or what she ended up getting.

  14. Mia Moo says:

    That Mom bro !!!!! She goes an older adult wow. Controlling and what about I don’t have to like it ?!!! Onl she just wants uou to be like you like it she wants you to like it

  15. Mia Moo says:

    Well it’s not your dress so what r u talking about ughh

  16. agnes15101968 says:

    One more woman, who would be much better off with the fashion of old times. In her modern clothes she looks just like any other young woman. Those long skirts turn her into an iconic beauty.

  17. M. Can. says:

    The more experienced adult? Really??!! How about a better MOTHER?!! She’s was being cruel.

  18. NCERT Book READER says:

    At the end of the day money became a differentiator. Girls, don’t get married at such a young age. 23! You can and you should focus on your career first. Earn money and arrange the wedding of your dreams. Without any hassles.

  19. Me And The I Three's says:

    Rich mom is a crab and probably single forever you looked good girl

  20. Dorothy Fratoni says:

    Save a little more money, leave ur mom behind and then, come ‘n pick the dress u like.

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