Mum Bullies Bride Out Of Wearing Her “Perfect” Wedding Dress I Say Yes To The Dress UK

Bride Hannah is going dress shopping for the first time. And has brought her mum with her to help out. She picks out a dress she absolutely loves, but when it has no lace on it, mum can’t stop herself telling her daughter how much she hates it! Will the two agree on a dress?

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  1. E gb says:

    First outfit was perfect

  2. Monique Gustafson says:

    Loved the first one. The one she chose is the least flattering on her amazing figure.

  3. Krystal Lamy says:

    I think personally those friends are not as true as I’d believe because knowing her theme and knowing how much she loved dress number 1 if they had been more supportive she would have gotten that one rather than just bend to suit her mom

  4. Gail Wilkinson says:

    It’s your Daughters wedding..!!! Episode again…. I reckon David and his Staff would love to scream that at most of the Mothers and Friends what go with the Bride.

  5. Suzanne Landry says:

    He should always know the name of the bride after all she did make an appointment

  6. puppygxtz says:

    videos like these make me want to jump into the screen and muzzle the mother, the first dress clearly made the bride the happiest and she didn’t have that moment with the last dress

  7. Disney Mama says:

    The first dress made her look like a woman!! The one she picked makes her look more like a little girl.

  8. Sandra Ruland says:

    I am surprised about all the positive feedback regarding the first dress. It was unflattering in the front and back, and totally washed her out. I think the second and chosen dress were best suited for her. It’s definitely not about what mom likes, but it’s nice when they can agree on a dress they both love.

  9. Denise Becker says:

    First one hands down. Mom has no taste.

  10. Darlena Akin says:

    The dress she chose looked like fire works, love that I’ve never seen a bride try this one on before.

  11. Storm Arrow says:

    The Karen energy is strong with the mum bloody hell

  12. Star Gazer says:

    I LOVE the dress she picked! Very New Years!

  13. forthemadones says:

    She’s stunning

  14. Caroline Bram-Ham says:

    First dress was a winner. Ughhh to the other 2

  15. Laura Cortez says:

    First Dress HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jenifer Barns says:

    The dress worn on the day should be the bride’s choice, yes the mother should be included but at the end of the day she’s not the one getting married it’s the daughter, what a witch of the mother saying I know what she likes, Jesus, she’s sat there over weight, short horrid hair dressed like she’s locked in the ark ages, and she’s spouting fashion, May be we should choose her outfit, cos she’s not a fashionable person, but she’s choosing her daughter’s dress , when I was in that position I walked, and stood my ground it’s me that’s getting married and I will wear what I’m happy in not you, your not walking down the isle, maybe she should put her foot down maybe on het mother’s mouth good luck hun you so need it with a mother like her, the dress she said yes to you can pick up at any bridal shop, bog standard fluffy dress, when you can get really lovely dresses if you looked round but there again the mother with the horrid hair cut and that cardi will choose a frilly thing you can buy fro even a second hand shop and yes you can get some outstanding dresses from them but you can also get both standard ones like this one when with a belt feel sorry for the bride I really do

  17. Merydith Wilson says:

    I swear these brides know their mothers are monsters and only want it there way, my issue is why bring them along if they are going to be like that?! I didn’t take my mother with me for that very reason and I got the exact dress I wanted and she never said anything negative about it, I think these mothers do this because it’s drama for the camera. It’s just mean and stupid to do that to your poor child, grow up!

  18. Charline McMurray says:

    The mom was a b*tch. Daughter gave in and best friends weren’t any help. Groom needed to be there to support her, although I doubt he’d be any better. First dress fabulous on her!

  19. Reddix Debbix says:

    Mum, you had your big day! Hannah! Time to grow up!

  20. NdiNaija says:

    Mum never got away from seeing her as a little princess. That’s what the 3rd dress did for her. The 1st dress, did to her and a little more covered, was the best.

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