Kleinfeld’s Most Expensive Wedding Dresses | Say Yes To The Dress

Staying on budget can sometimes be the toughest part of shopping for a wedding dress.
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  1. danialhakimi09 says:

    Expensive not always the beautiful one.

  2. RipleyNostrom86 says:

    I’ve said it, and will say it again! Money doesn’t buy taste or class

  3. J.S. Wolfe says:

    “George is getting upset.” Seinfeld 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Journey Bell says:

    Idk why brides let their families dictate so much on THEIR wedding dress, like bitch u ain’t getting married the fuck

  5. clark clarke says:

    I just want to know …is this couple still married????

  6. ShayBabé Lyfe says:

    Sonny got himself a classic gold digger lol!

  7. Devil's Advocate says:

    I feel bad for the Indian guy. Dude run as fast as you can, she is absolutely a gold digger.

  8. Dawn Priest says:

    “this is only the reception dress.”
    WAIT What! 😱Did I here this correctly😯😳

  9. jenna anshel says:

    You could buy a car out right for these dresses

  10. jenna anshel says:


  11. jenna anshel says:

    Him talking to himself in a third person is me too

  12. StfuYouUneducatedSwine says:

    *$8,000.00?!-For A Veil?!-That’s More Then Most Wedding Dress’s And Bridemaid Dress’s Combined!!-*

  13. Anthony Thomas says:

    Sonny- it’s so hard to say no to you
    Me – then don’t, or else

  14. Dobi Zirdo says:

    Weird comments 🤔

  15. Tanya Iyer says:

    I think these most expensive dresses aren’t even the prettiest

  16. Kitura Khan says:

    My brain is trying to comprehend the idea of $50,000 at one store alone. What does the rest of the wedding cost!!?!?!!?!

  17. Sam Zweifel says:

    What that first girl spent on her 2 dresses, is what some people pay on their weddings…or cars…or student loans……

  18. Laura White says:

    Looks like a circus dress

  19. Cay Kelkit says:

    My dad has a budget of $5,000.00 for my wedding dress. I will pay only $300.00 for it from my own money, and it is beautiful. So, I will use the $5,000.00 as a down payment on a condo which will be registered on my dad’s name, just in case the man I love would leave me with 2 kids I will have a place to go! Rent on the condo wil be enough for the mortgage..

  20. Bertha Ouwehand says:

    WOW!!!…….some woman apperently has to spend lots of dollars to look good

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