I Made Ariana Grande’s Wedding Dress for under 20

Turning myself into a bridal Ariana Grande- wait is that even her last name anymore??
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Watch the masterpiece that my brother labored over with blood sweat and tears!

check out my very talented artist friend. Dan!

See Courtney’s moped tricks, and find out more about Joe!!

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  1. Amanda Leigh Bump says:

    I’ve just realized that I have never actually seen a wedding video before, but this one definitely made me cry tears of seriousness. I hope you and your Boo Bear are very happy together.

  2. Aivien Whitfield says:

    Micarah Tewers – proving to the world that ADHD can be wonderful (if we let people be how they are and let them flourish)

  3. alfonzo says:


    (well done micarah)

  4. MollaFlower says:

    Such a talented and wonderful soul.

  5. Kelley Can Write says:

    🥰 Your dad did such a good job! It gave me major Bob Ross vibes! 😆

  6. hi hello says:

    with the amount of chess playing in this video i am expecting a queens gambit costume video soon…or at least an emma costume

  7. lily chalamet says:

    why is the brightness so highh (THE DRESS TURNED OUT BEAUTIFULLY)

  8. Savvie says:

    I really need to know what the truck guy said now…

  9. CASEY BEACH says:

    How she measures is probably the best thing ever. Her language is the only one I can understand!
    Ex: Leave a leg slit open about as long as squirrels tail to the nose!

  10. AndryLuna NightingAle says:

    If I could hire you to edit my future wedding video I would. It would be hilarious

  11. Elles Miller says:

    Can I join your scooter gang I have a 🏍 moped 😂

  12. CASEY BEACH says:

    No one:
    Micarah: I love you Boo Bear
    Her Boo Bear: I love your knife elbows…..

    Edit: The dress is gorgeous!!

  13. Leydia Hedman says:

    I love that she says she wants to make the video long enough to be the year Ariana was born and yet it’s 17:40 🤣

  14. rafa reyna says:

    16:07 Chiandra: You know you’re supposed to, right?

    From 2 broke girls. Anyone? 😂😂

  15. jessi330 says:

    That tulip top bust is soooooo pretty. You look so pretty. Also was Ariana born in 1789? Lol

  16. Kyra Pelham says:

    Why is no one else talking about Spider-Man appearing whilst Micarah’s dad was doing his voice over???! 😭

  17. ALICE MILLER - Alicewonderbear says:

    9:00 hello , spiderman hahahaha

  18. Incredible Joyce says:

    I dressed up as my husband for his birthday.

  19. Anaita Mistry says:

    Did anyone else see the Spiderman or am I hallucinating..?

  20. Anny Mouse says:

    More incentive to stalk me! Yikes!

    That makes it sound like it’s happened before 😰
    If anyone stalks mikarah, screw you!

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