How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

In today’s video, The Knot will show you a few different wedding dress silhouettes all tailored for your specific body type. This video is super important for any bride to be, because before you start your dress shopping process, it is essential for you to familiar yourself with all the different wedding dress styles out there. From ball gown dresses to mermaid style dresses, this video will help you find the perfect dress that will have you feeling great on your big day.


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  1. Shreya YN says:

    Comprehensive 👌🏽

  2. Wacky Tacky says:

    My absolute favorite is the mermaid dress

  3. Rachel Pun says:

    0:23 — ball gown
    1:08 — sheath
    1:53 — A-line
    2:30 — mermaid
    2:51 — trumpet
    (3:07 — mermaid vs trumpet)
    3:29 — empire waist
    4:06 — dropped waist

  4. mssorrento1 says:

    I love the first empire waist dress on here it was like a beautiful fairy bride x

  5. Marcella Mcduffie says:

    Gorgeous dresses !!!.

  6. Neha Raut says:

    Absolutely love these dresses and loved your insight on choosing the right dress! I was wondering what is the music you’ve used in the background? Especially in the introduction?

  7. jeff the killer says:

    Ahhh wedding dresses

    Something ill never own for myself..yea you herd me in never getting married fuck dat shit I’m a loner for realz deez dayz. IM AT MY BEST BY MYSELF actually Nah ill marry….my husbado of course in my dreams and art I will haha. Hawks lick my pussy

  8. Ezinne Mba says:

    thank youuuu

  9. Hail Falcor says:

    Gorgeous models I must say!~

  10. Robyn Dalton says:

    this video is super helpful for me

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