Gok Helps Bride After Mum Threatens To Not Attend The Wedding | Say Yes To The Dress: Lancashire

Temi has fallen in love with a dress but her mother is not a big fan of the dress’ ‘revealing’ plunge. Will Gok find a way to keep both the bride and her mum happy?

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  1. Cheney Brockington says:

    That black love man 🤎 >>>>>

  2. Pricilla Tiara Angel D. says:

    Jesus loves you ❗ 🤍

  3. Rene Leeuwendal says:

    Just love Gok😍He always knows what to do💕

  4. Lori Hilton says:

    I could see that Mum gave serious thought to the dress after the alteration. I believe that she may not have been 100% in favor, but for her daughters happiness she said Yes.

  5. figmo397 says:

    I loooove Gok!

  6. aj andrianjafy says:

    Theres nothing that auntie Gok aka the fairy godmother can’t do

  7. Josephine Osei says:

    When my mom would say that i would just say
    Ok then don’t it will be the best wedding ever now

  8. Olena Nikolenko says:

    I think I watched too mane episodes of SYttD to know straight away that we just need a detachable panel to cover the gorgeous plunge for the church LOL

  9. Monique Gustafson says:

    This entourage is awful. How at all, is it their decision. They are there to support her. Period. Not tear her down. What a ridiculous expectation to have as a mother. Obviously they are aware of who she is and how she presents herself every other day in her life, why should that change on this day that is truly about only 2 people. It always amazes me that mothers of brides start out negative comments with “I would not want that, or I would not be comfortable, etc.” Great, YOU don’t have to be, if your daughter is, then don’t worry about it.

  10. Nancy Johnson says:

    There’s only ONE Prince! S O R R Y as he’s passed away……………..

  11. Juanita Harris says:

    At least their honesty isn’t petty judgement. Mom is super harsh, but that’s African mums for you.

  12. Cookie Girl says:

    Gok counts so slowly! I get stressed!!

  13. M Noorlander says:

    My question is why would you want to get married in a church if you rip the fabric out afterwards? If you want to honor God you do it all the time, a building doesn’t change that because God is everywhere. That is called religion, not relation with your Creator….

  14. Teri Soto says:

    I personally would have worn it the first way. You have to be true to your own feelings. And if MOMMY DOES NOT LIKE IT and threatened not to show up at her daughters wedding then it is on MOMMY. God bless you with years of happiness.

  15. pearl sosu says:

    An African mother has spoken😂😂😂

  16. Vivian Ryu says:

    It’s so satisfying to see that brief moment of guilt/realization from the parents that they’ve been seeing the idea of their child and not their actual child their whole life. Her mom thought about religion – nothing but a routine for the mind and body in disguise of communal grandeur – instead of the happiness of her daughter. But seeing Temi happy in that 2nd dress made her realize how important being body-confident was to Temi. She acknowledged the real Temi, her real daughter, for the first time. You can hear the raw emotion in the “It’s beautiful.”

  17. Nancy Deis says:

    I understand the church ‘rules’ but that mom needs a slap upside the head (sorry I don’t really mean it). I have seen things done to accommodate these ‘rules’ for instance sleeves/shawl used in church then comes off for the reception. The sister or friend who said DISTASTEFUL needs to look around on Instagram or even watch some Say Yes to the Dress to find distasteful. I can’t stand all these dresses that are see-through on top and bottom. THE FIRST DRESS WAS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ON HER.

  18. Cookie Girl says:

    Gok really is the best…has the best dresses, the best solutions, the most creative. Wish I could go to him, even though I’m 72 and already married…

  19. L. C. says:

    Gorgeous couple!! 👩🏿‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏿

  20. b_ jean7 says:

    She looks amazing in the dress but I’m just confused in the beginning she said she wanted something that no one else had and literally everyone is picking dresses literally exactly like that right now

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