Fashion Designer Bride Wants To Wear One Of Randy’s Favourite Dresses | Say Yes To The Dress

Bride Kim was inspired by Say Yes To The Dress to become a fashion designer. She wants to wear a gown designed by Randy more than anything in the world.

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  1. mtsem comfort says:

    You can’t know someone better than themselves 🙄. What’s “this is not you” ? when clearly she loves it

  2. Eileen Mary O'Malley says:

    She should have tried on the stunning gorgeous ball gown ! That was the most beautiful dress ! Fairytale !

  3. Nandi Lugongolo says:

    Randy is such an incredible human being. 😍

  4. DIANA S says:

    The criss crossed gown was it. Her bridesmaids facial expression was rude and non supportive she shouldve came alonw

  5. MsJubjubbird says:

    the first gown looked like he hadn’t finished it yet. The second one had a stunning fabric and cut and the rouching was really nice. They they ruined it by sticking a few kids tutus on the bottom

  6. Marss 07 says:

    Elle Woods times 3 in the store💖

  7. anuska nandy says:

    Are the friends seriously MONICA and RACHEL? omg <3<3

  8. 88niteowl88 says:

    Tfs! To everyone reading this, Jesus loves you!

  9. S A says:

    That second dress is STUNNING & soft on her. Her beauty shines from within in that one with no distractions

  10. Rosie.Johnson says:

    Beautiful bride and dresses, I hope she goes with her heart in the end. Also I thought Randy was going to break his neck at the end 😳

  11. Pete Nillson says:

    The Pronovias bodice reminds me of the wrinkled face of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

  12. blakrumba says:

    She said “on this one?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Ashley Danielle says:

    I’m exactly like her. My personality is out of this world. Love the over the top looks but something about simplicity in wedding dresses just hits me. As long as it’s simplistic with a twist. I think that’s what’s Shes looking for. I’ll keep watching 🥰

  14. Stefania Marchese says:

    rack and roll….oh Randy…. xD

  15. Aileen McCarthy says:

    The dress she liked was a pretty shape, but the wrap around material made it look like a mummy. She could have went with a dress that had the same shape but more embellishments like lace or bling. I’m sure there was something like that for her, did they even look?

  16. Angela Shrum says:

    The 2nd dress was her dress. She looked like an angelic mermaid straight out of the water. I loved Randy’s dress too, absolutely, but she just lifted and lightened with the 2nd dress. I applaud Randy and Kim being on her side and so supportive. I wish her entourage would have been that way, too. Gotten out of their own minds and expectations. She should have followed her heart and picked it.

  17. Christina Humphreys Cecka says:

    I honestly think it’s her career. She sees all of these beautiful gowns non stop and models in them and she probably wants all of the gowns rolled into one but…she doesn’t need all the embellishments. I think she looked stunning in both. I’m a little disappointed when she came back out with that dress that they could see beyond the dress and look at her truly loving it and be on board
    However, I know she brought these two ladies to keep her on track and to not let her leave with something less than perfect. While she looked stunning, I never saw the “it” moment with either.

  18. jeswainston says:

    I love how all three are vavavoom dressed up .. lol…hysterical

  19. jeswainston says:

    Don’t love that first dress on her…but she loves it and that’s what matters.

  20. jeswainston says:

    I love the 2nd dress on her…it’s just wow!

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