Do’s Don’ts – Wedding Guest Attire

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be confusing at times! In this video i’m sharing with you Do’s and Don’ts to consider 🙂

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  1. Gamer panda says:

    I would definitely wear white….its pretty

  2. Nicy Jean says:

    I remember I was watching a show and a woman was getting married to her boyfriend after many years of being together. A friend (or a woman that she sees very often because both of their daughters attend the same dance class) showed up to the wedding in white, you should have seen my face! She looked like she was the bride! When the dance teacher saw that she walked over to the woman and told her that she shouldn’t wear white to another woman’s wedding but then she was like “Well it’s more like a cream…” Still white.

  3. Face Bob says:

    This is helpful but I’m a kid and going to one of my family member wedding and umm yeah I’ll stick with the jumpsuit xD

  4. Faith Sorroza says:

    You: “I love you … I came on too strong didn’t I?”
    Me: *Hits Subscribe button*

  5. Gracey Lee says:

    I was always taught growing up that wearing black to someones wedding was bad luck for the couple. Therefore I never wear white or black🤷‍♀️

  6. Rana RM says:

    This is was very helpful. I’m going to a wedding to today and I’ve never been to one so I don’t really know what to wear

  7. Kaylee Yaylee says:

    Literally everyone I know never gives dress code or info on what the colors are for the wedding 🙄 really annoys me

  8. Coach Sabine says:

    Black is not nice for a wedding. Its for burials.

  9. Nastaro _ says:

    This is me trying to figure out what to wear for a family wedding

  10. Venus Castro says:

    My friend decided to get married in Vegas in 2 weeks.
    And now I don’t know what to wear….

  11. Tea Time says:

    Can I wear white if I’m one of the flower girls?

  12. Tatiana Benitez says:

    I have a question: is it okay to wear red ?

  13. what ever says:

    So my friends made an entire website for their wedding where every detail is planned out and they have put wedding gift ides etc…. but not a single word on the dress code lol

  14. Andrea Patane says:

    Hi xteener, How are you? My parents are going to a virtual 💒 on Zoom in October 2020 which will be on a Sunday in the afternoon. They must remember to wear fancy outfits that shouldn’t match the attire that the participants and the newlyweds usually wear during the ceremony. I also hope that they’ll also do their best to behave themselves. For example, they shouldn’t make any gross noises out of their bodies such as burping or farting. They also shouldn’t swear at someone who’s weird, odd, suspicious or wacky in times of feeling aggravated or annoyed by him or her, etc. 👍🏻 if you highly agree.

  15. Nesha Christian-Hendrickson says:

    How do you feel about red dresses?

  16. Elizabeth says:

    But what about wearing biker gear?

  17. KweenZeze says:

    Pastel colors are the required color even for the guests

  18. Life of Nola says:

    The wedding I’m going to a wedding today😂

  19. Marie Karole says:

    Dam I got yelled at with black by old people.

  20. Mia Paragas says:

    The wedding I’m attending sent us attire guide and the colors were shades of brown and the lightest one included looked like cream or somewhat dirty white to me….I’m bothered as I found out that guests should not wear anyhing near the white shade haha. But oh well 😆

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