Daddy Knows Best | Say Yes To The Dress

Most fathers of the bride are happy to let their daughter’s bridal appointment take their course, but these dads left their mark on the day.
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  1. Eden Mac says:

    okay yes the second bride was annoying but the dress was stunning like wOw

  2. olliehadenough says:

    If girl #2 has a husband then there’s a hope for all of us! 😄

  3. Ranea Lambie says:

    The second girl is a brat

  4. Ranea Lambie says:

    And if the second girl feels sad oh well ugh she is such a brat and gets anything she wants


    The second bride Emanuela, her sister Monica its so pretty, that is why she doesn’t care Emanuela is the spoiled one, I bet she has more genuine friends too

  6. bob Ꮚ ̆ ꈊ ̆ Ꮚ says:

    I already know bride number two would get divorced after the way she treats her father and described her husband, his selling point to her was his appearance

  7. AnnathePiana says:

    First dad is a fucking prick. I’m lucky to have a dad that thinks I’ll make anything look beautiful, no matter what choices I make with my body.

  8. It’s Potato Zoey says:

    The second girl is legitimately manipulating her dad saying she can just cry and she will get whatever she wants

  9. bhumi agrawal says:

    $10000 budget for those kinda dress that doesn’t even suit her 🤯 I would have saved that amount for my future.

  10. MsWDWFAN1 says:

    Wow! The second bride took the Daddy’s whatever she wants comment seriously!
    You can definitely tell she’s spoiled rotten! Kinda a brat!
    Wonder how much the entire wedding is going to cost!

  11. Anthony Jimenez Felipe says:

    she a golddigger on her own dad

  12. Amirdha Bhalaa says:

    The second girl is trying too hard to look like Kim Kardashian but she is a failure I really feel bad for her dad and husband. She doesn’t know the value of the money she spent on that ugly dress.

  13. 4SuGloria says:

    How can you sneak one daughter money under the table while not doing the same for the other?!?

  14. Diane Fanning says:

    2nd bride…spoiled brat…feel sorry for whomever she marries…considering how. much she probably spends to keep her lips look like a dead fish,

  15. Gloria Graham says:

    How wonderful to have a Dad like second lady. First girl spoiled rotten,😀

  16. Léa Fréville says:

    You ever see people interract for like 2 seconds and think “yall need family therapy yesterday”

  17. daniela9488 says:

    The second bride is HORRENDOUS inside out hahahhaha. I bet she could look pretty without the stupid attitude, lips and tan, because her sister and parents are good looking.

  18. Dolores Castillo says:

    The second bride was a pain in the 💩

  19. Amanda Bailey says:

    I watch this show just because of how much I LOVE the consultants

  20. Carol Butler says:

    She will be a nightmare as a wife. The father has “bought” himself a disaster.

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