Cami Li Wants a Dress That’s as ‘Black as Her Soul’ | Say Yes To The Dress

Much to her mother’s dismay Cami Li is adamant on getting a black dress for her wedding day.

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  1. Mary Grace Pacheco says:

    I love this episode like all of them hate camili in black but after a few arguing and funny moments they all give in and she won. I love how the mother acknowledge camili’s feeling. Tbh she looks gorgeous in black dress and at the same time look like a woman in a haunted house. Can’t hate them tho. I find this episode very funny

  2. 46 Risha Pothamshetty says:

    Girl looks like a real queen walking between the girls wearing white dresses 💅🏼👑

  3. #Maybe noura? says:

    Her mom : NO ❤️

  4. Mello Phone says:

    this girl is over here like:
    “i’M nOt LikE oThEr GiRLs

  5. Sabrina Rahman says:

    Such a insane behaviour full family

  6. Kaylee Reese says:

    The bride was being disrespectful! I get that it’s her day but calling your mother “woman” and imitating her is so disrespectful, and snotty! If I spoke to my mom like that she would shove soap in my throat and take me home!

  7. Kelly Endreas says:

    You could wear these dresses to a funeral not a wedding!

  8. Elaine Cochrane says:

    Mine was a choice of red or black so.i had both as.i couldn’t decide.❤️

  9. Kimmy Kim says:

    It’s about the Bride, not about anyone else. Come on!

  10. true moo. glue says:

    black dresses are beautiful holy shit- i’d get the mom and sister OUT of there

  11. Miss. Tosser says:

    Fuck the critics, I’d walk down the isle with smoke gray lace and a sign on my ass that says “sue me.”

  12. Kewchi Man says:

    Omggg the first one looked so beautiful on herrrr 😭😩

  13. Vern Roach says:

    This was too funny 😂

  14. Ida Dennis says:

    As black as my soul? I have no problem with colors other than white, but if I was Mother the black as my soul comment would break my heart.

  15. Kaitlyn says:

    Her family is so rude

  16. Katelyn Nygren says:

    i need this bride to be my bff

  17. diana A says:

    She should choose a black dress like my soul


    they should make it a rule inn their store that no mothers are allowed

  19. Demonstar1254 says:

    This is me I want a black wedding dress or a red and black dress when I get married

  20. Krutika Bhakta says:

    Maybe get a white dress with black in it

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