Bridesmaid Dress Fittings, Wedding Hair Ideas + Bridal Shoes Try On

Bridesmaid Dress Fittings, Wedding Hair Ideas + Bridal Shoes Try On
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Well this is super exciting! It took weeks of planning (my 7 bridesmaids live all across the country and even near Chicago) but I finally got together with 5 of my beautiful girls to try on bridesmaid dresses, decide on their shoes and discuss wedding hair now I’ve booked the incredible Larry King! I definitely cried watching this back – I hope you love this as much as me 🙂 and thank you to Sophia Webster and Pronovias for giving me permission to film in store!

Nothing in this video is sponsored, I just wanted to share more wedding plans and memories with you all 🙂 not long now – eek!

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  1. Inthefrow says:

    Guys! I hope you love sharing this special memory with us! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that on our wedding day we’ll be surrounded by so many people who mean so much to us. I’m really trying to cherish these once in a lifetime memories with my best ladies – we’re so lucky to have their support, love and happiness in our lives! xxx

  2. DesertIslandBooks says:

    I love the idea of having everyone in different styles in a matching colour. They’re all different people and special to you in different ways, so let their personalities shine.

  3. Kelly Stanton says:

    I love the different varied look … I had my bridesmaids in the different styles and they looked and felt beautiful 💖

  4. Ellie Cook says:

    I’m having same colour different dresses as I want them to feel the most comfortable on the day

  5. Claudianne C says:

    Loved this vlog! I would definitely choose same dresses for all bridesmaids but maybe thats just me! I ADOREE the gold sparkly shoes 😍😍😍

  6. Ashley X says:

    The best brides allow the bridesmaids to wear different dresses for their different bodies—however, it’s still an event you pay a lot for and you want to set some boundaries. I think it would look weird if they wore different lengths, and some of the dress styles were too far a part from the others (Athens Grecian style with cape trailing behind them would be odd next to any of the rest). It might be a good idea to choose a fabric, length, and general style (ie a-line silhouette) for them to follow. However, if they all loved the short dress it would be perfect as a reuseable dress

  7. No Name says:

    Different styles for the girls in the same colour scheme is more modern 👍👍

  8. Ellen Spencer says:

    All different dresses base on there personalities would be great they seemed very happy each one them 😊

  9. Laura Emmerson says:

    I think all the girls in the style that suits them most and they feel their best in would be the way to go xx

  10. Sabrina Virk says:

    If you do the girls in all different that would be fine if you just don’t include the short one. Bc all the long gowns kind of go together but the short one is too different. And maybe also the one with the black stripes on the waist might be too different

  11. Isobel Riviere says:

    All girls in different styles, they looked so good

  12. Juliet Borg says:

    The bridesmaids should feel comfortable during the big day and so I would prefer if they all choose their favorite style as long as the dresses are the same color and length.
    The one in high neck and sequins and the back looks very pretty, but my favorite is the one with the bead work.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I think different styles as long as they are the same colour and lenght, they would feel far more comfortable in something they like and that they think it fits them better.

  14. StrawberryJPEG says:

    OMG I met you years ago at sitc!!!! Congrats on getting engaged oh my goodness! I’m seriously growing up w you and it’s weird!
    Can’t wait for the Frow wedding 👰

  15. Digital Nomad Girl says:

    I vote for mismatched dresses! But that’s what I did so I’m biased 😉

  16. Louetta Creese says:

    Late to the party but all different bridesmaids dresses makes everything seem so much more effortless & cool. All the gals next to each other looked beautiful & individual ♥️

  17. Emmi says:

    I can’t imagine how Alex must have felt editing the girls’ reaction to you trying on your wedding dress 🙂

  18. Gabrielė Rajauskaitė says:

    I would vote for different styles, cause girls would feel their best and have great time 🧡

  19. Rhonda Williams says:

    I don’t understand why you could not show us the hairstyles that you tried out. Sorry, but that bit of content was not worth tuning in for. Then you moved on and again you speak of what you are going to do and show nothing of it. Awe, there we are; you showed us the bridesmaid dresses and shoes on. I hung in there and you didn’t let me down. Thank you.

  20. Lunar Faerie says:

    No explanation necessary Victoria-I count myself lucky to be able to watch you vlogging such a hugely special part of your life and wedding plans. Can’t people be even a little patient and wait until the actual wedding day and the vlogs that will follow. At the moment it’s just great to watch the obvious excitement and happiness that emanates from these vlogs. xx

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