Biggest Bridal Mistakes When Wedding Dress Shopping | Say Yes To The Dress: Randy Knows Best

Randy divulges the biggest mistakes a bride could make when wedding dress shopping.
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  1. ozden celik says:


  2. Maria Cherrington says:

    Her saying cleave is annoying

  3. Francisca Lobo says:

    When will this come in India

  4. Chianti Simon says:

    I chose a dress with lots of crystals and bling, very tight to show my figure then when I got home and thought about it I decided it made me look like a saloon madam so I called and canceled it. I was out my deposit of 100 dollars but it was worth it.

  5. Chianti Simon says:

    That’s not a neckline, that’s a bust line. I love when the sweet Klinefeld alteration lady told one bride that the dress was showing “her butterfly” not enough skirt to cover the “butterfly” in the front. It was so true. LOL

  6. lhj276 says:

    Kleinfelds is expensive. You can get an equally beautiful dress at a discount bridal shop. Also that bride looked like she was in her late 20s early 30s. Couldn’t she pay the extra 1 grand?

  7. Crazy Crystals- The Makeup Store says:

    Why her “cleave” is annoying me to hell

  8. Alexis xx says:

    I’m confused why can’t the bride just pay the rest of the price of the dress that her mother can’t afford, like why cant the brides themselves chip in it would make them get the dress they want.

  9. • kreati_ • says:

    Cleavage in a dress is not bad unless it’s the focal point of the dress.

  10. June's Outside Contact says:

    My dad told me and my sister when I was 16 that he would pay for a wedding or a honeymoon but not both. I chose the honeymoon and got married in Jamaica on a beautiful terrace overlooking the Caribbean. The biggest choice I had to make was the song I walked in to and the flowers on my bouquet. My sister chose the wedding and got married a mile away from her house. She wasn’t a bridezilla but so many things went wrong and she cried several times that day. I got married at 4pm and was back in my bikini by 5pm. She got married at 2pm and didn’t get out of that awful dress until 10pm. Today she wishes she did the same as me and just eloped.

  11. mkg 21 says:

    People really are being so pressed about the third bride being proud of her body. Pretty shady…😒

  12. Cynthia Cherry says:

    I paid for my own dress

  13. Cynthia Cherry says:

    Dress as sexy as you want underneath. Your groom will love it. Leave something to the imagination.

  14. Maria Cherrington says:

    Randy n Monty need a show of their own.. n add Lori n Debbie 🙂

  15. Sara Lar says:

    It was so sad to hear the mother say “I wish we were rich”

  16. Jennifer Wilcox says:

    Why look outside of one’s budget? How selfish, to embarrass her mother like that, especially when the bride chooses not to pay for it herself. After all, it’s not the dress it’s the marriage. Too bad many women don’t think about that.

  17. Julie Johnson says:

    Q: Why can’t the bride pay the extra $1,000, if she wants it?
    A: Because she is NOT an independent woman.

  18. Your Bestie says:

    #1 don’t show too much skin? Who asked you, narrator 😛

  19. Danielle Sorensen says:

    Never try on a dress you can’t afford

  20. Cynical1 says:

    The last girl was trashy, I’ll bet they were “store bought”. Lol

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