Best in Bridal: Nora’s Modest Princess Gown S1, E4 | FYI

Sky works with a bride who is eager to find a more conservative dress in this scene.

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Best in Bridal
Season 1
Episode 4
Too Sexy for the Dress

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  1. iaJENKA says:

    OMG all different cultures have their own individual weirdnesses that was so weird.

  2. Mudiya Wulandari says:

    I am muslim, and i need more video like this for my weding.. Hope u make more video like this.

  3. Virginia Mora says:

    Omg so awesome i NEED those ladies at my next shopping day.

  4. Daylover says:

    1:33 wow thats awsome i think this dress with the tshirt makes it look better i try draw this dress with sleaves wow

  5. ugly sweaterful says:

    One little pet-peeve “need to cover up”, it just reinforces the misconception that modesty is some unnatural phenomenon imposed on women. Like, honey, I want to cover up.

  6. colorfull life with maria says:

    Ayyy I am from Egypt 🇪🇬

  7. TinaMfam says:

    I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we also dress modest and there’s plenty of gowns out there already modest if you search lds wedding gowns 😉

  8. Cindy K says:

    It’s a joy for me to watch other cultures celebrate differently… she looks stunning… (I’m Polish). 😊

  9. Jacey Lataire says:

    Your dress is amazing!!!

  10. vidoyonwe rebecca says:

    I hate the fact that the consultants didn’t embrace her culture

  11. niki patel says:

    She looks more like indian actress Maahi vij than Maahi vij herself! 😱😛

  12. Allie T says:

    The workers are really rude I don’t like how they looked at them when they celebrated , like stop judging ppl let them express their feelings 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. KARIM says:

    karen was not impressed

  14. katherine owian says:

    Nora totally respected her Islamic roots. If I understood correctly she is from a traditional Egyptian family. Masallah, alhamdela she looks gamil owie owie.

  15. Anusha Sarkhel says:

    umm..i m nt offending anyone hopefully…m just curious…wat religion is it? head cover like muslim…gown like Christian….can smone educate me please?

  16. ÙwÚ《A-M-E -L-Y-A》ÙwÚ says:

    She found her Wedding Dress really quickly,I would have taken HOURS and hours trying to find the right Wedding Dress,I can be very picky to pick something on the special occasions.

    I don’t know if anyone has commented this,but if anyone thinks she’s wearing something ‘too’ tight,leave her alone please!I’m saying this because as somebody who follows the religion Islam,I get told not to wear clothes that show the shape of my body very often by the Muslim people around me,sometimes it gets annoying,but I see why they’re concerned. But then again,it’s the person’s choice.♡

  17. Tin Can Man says:

    I’m atheist and I want a modest dress as well. It’s not always about religion

  18. Kpopper 101 says:


  19. Kpopper 101 says:


  20. David Duong says:

    The glib share physically remove because cold collaterally produce apud a hypnotic attraction. lazy, lavish attic

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