Beautiful Meghan Markle arrives in exquisite wedding dress – The Royal Wedding – BBC

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Here comes the bride!

Meghan Markle arrives, revealing an exquisite dress and walks down the aisle with Prince Charles to marry Prince Harry.

Hundreds of guests have watched the couple exchange vows in a ceremony featuring a gospel choir and an American preacher.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been declared husband and wife, following a ceremony at Windsor Castle. The couple exchanged vows and rings before the Queen and 600 guests at St George’s Chapel. Wearing a dress by British designer Clare Waight Keller, Ms Markle was met by Prince Charles, who walked her down the aisle.
Following their marriage, the couple will be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | BBC

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  1. Beverly pra says:

    Didn’t see from them a little inch of gratitude in saying they did another wedding before and this was just for spectacle. It must have had no religious significance for them.

  2. Mary Ledee Bolano says:

    What a slap in the face to this family. If they were as racist as she said I doubt the future king would have walked her down the isle!

  3. kim jones says:

    Poor Meghan she has nerves of steel seeing millions of racist people lined up all the way to the church yelling at her. All the racist people inside the church with the exception of a few A list actors that she aspires to be as great as one day. The racist media that came out to video and photograph the wedding. How she managed to get through this day and all the days after while keeping a stiff upper lip until she reached the shores of America is beyond amazing. Thank god she made it back home to America where she is safe from racist people. So happy she could go on Oprah and tell her truth she must sleep better at night getting that off her chest. Long live the Queen of Montecito California. I look forward to her running for President in 2024.

  4. Sumitra says:

    2:43 owww that kid’s reaction 😍😍😍😍

  5. LadyScorpz says:

    Its so interesting watching this with the benefit of hindsight

  6. Nancy Sawyer says:

    If megan was pretty, it would be different. She is not at all pretty.

  7. Miss A says:

    she looks pathetic and lonely when she walked on the carpet.

  8. Jenny Davis says:

    Such a sad time now, with The Royal Family being ripped to shreds by Meghan and Harry!

  9. glxxmy_cloud5073 says:

    Everyone needs to calm down. Meghan looked stunning, she can wear whatever color she wants to whatever number marriage it is, Harry loves her and Meghan loves him back, she paid for her own wedding dress, and if it doesn’t affect you directly then stop complaining.

  10. Pamela Wehener says:

    Vicious Trollop

  11. 01maggie says:

    Megan’s dress was a huge disappointment…not pretty at all. Boring dress.

  12. Diana König says:

    Look at all these salty people in the comments.
    Imagine spreading hate where people love each other.
    So much about British politeness.

  13. Seagull Livingstone says:

    Far from beautiful and beautiful from afar.
    I am happy for the royal family they got rid of this manipulative pathological liar.
    She is a godzilla destroying everyone on her path..
    Harry is insane to choose this creature. Mean vindictive and inattractive


    O vestido è elegante mas parece que ela pegou um número bem maior

  15. nycdweller says:

    Run Harry, Run

  16. Claudia S. G. says:

    One single member of her family … in that entire church.

  17. Jeffreys Neck says:

    And then bongos for a choir.

  18. roberta Spangaro says:

    Una donna orribile che e riuscita a dividere due fratelli

  19. chomp chomp says:

    A spokesman for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has confirmed that the ceremony “held in their backyard” 3days b4 their wedding was not a marriage… Meghan lied again

  20. Moon O says:

    Priceless brotherhood.I am sad that
    Their relationship has ended to that.
    William genuinely loves his brother.
    Princess Diana wish was for them
    to support eachother and not for a woman to come between them.
    It’s a very unbelievable situation and allegations towards the Royal Family, Harry and his wife should
    Have kept ita a very private family manner and matter. 🙏❤✌

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