Today I’m trying on 8 cheap wedding dresses from AliEpxress! I was contacted by an AliExpess seller and asked if I wanted to make a video for them, so I picked out 8 dresses in different styles – let me know what you think of them, and what your favourite wedding dress style is! There are discount codes below if you’d like to order any. I found these dresses to be fairly true to size, however I don’t think it would hurt to size up slightly, because it’s important to leave room for any alterations that may need to be made. I was given these wedding dresses for free by AliExpress, but this video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own, and i’d love to hear your opinions in the comment section! Please give us a thumbs up on this video if you’d like to see more wedding dress related content.

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DRESSES SHOWN (currently not available to order but will be again soon! Discount code below)









PASTEL8 10-8 Get US $8.00 off on orders over US $10.00
PASTEL20 150-20 Get US $20.00 off on orders over US $150.00
PASTEL30 300-30 Get US $30.00 off on orders over US $300.00


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  1. Pretty Pastel Please says:

    Hey guys!!! I hope you’re all staying safe and well during the pandemic. I was going to wait a bit longer before posting this video as it doesn’t feel right to be posting fun videos at a time like this, but I know so many people are at home in isolation right now so i’m posting in the hopes of keeping people entertained. These dresses are made in China and the manufacturer has stopped taking orders at the moment because of the virus. They will be available again soon, but i’m not sure when. I’ve been made aware that since I filmed and posted this video, the prices of the dresses has changed. I’m so sorry that this has happened, I had absolutely no idea. I don’t know if it’s because the Australian dollar has crashed (it’s really low right now because of the pandemic – when I filmed this, $1AUD was worth around 75US cents, but now our dollar is only worth 57US cents, so there’s a huge difference in the conversion.) It could also be that the seller has changed the price because of the pandemic and maybe their business isn’t doing well, so they’re charging more. Regardless of what’s happened, I’m so sorry that the prices in this aren’t accurate now. I still stand by what I said about the dresses, but now that they’re more expensive, I wouldn’t rate them the same way I did before. I’ll update this post when I get more information from the seller.

    The seller made some discount codes (not affiliate) if you’d like to save money on your purchases.
    PASTEL8 10-8 Get US $8.00 off on orders over US $10.00
    PASTEL20 150-20 Get US $20.00 off on orders over US $150.00
    PASTEL30 300-30 Get US $30.00 off on orders over US $300.00

  2. vuyiswa raqa says:

    I have bought lots of dresses from Aliexpress mostly Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad inspired dresses. Definitely some good suppliers out there.

  3. Laura Clark says:

    The bird is annoying

  4. Tracy Rousseau says:

    Don’t birds poo everywhere?

  5. joni lickey says:

    Constuctive criticism… when trying on wedding dresses you shouldn’t be standing in front of a bright white window so you can’t really see the dress same with the white hallway you couldn’t see the edges of the dress how it flared because of the White Walls also when showing a wedding dress you should wear your hair up so people can actually see the top of the dress

  6. Jasmine RC says:

    anyone else wondering why the thumbnail says expectation vs reality like there’s a difference….sorry to me the dress on her doesn’t look bad if anything good lol

  7. Lê Võ Diễm Hằng says:

    I love the 6th dress so much.
    I am only 20 and I will save it for my wedding day lol.
    But when I click on the link, the item was not available!

  8. 2 Blessed says:

    When I married almost 9 years ago, I ordered my dress online from a site that doesn’t even exist anymore – it was $150 USD, and it was absolute perfection! I was able to send all my measurements, including height (I’m only 5’3″), and it was made to fit exactly. My sister got married a couple of months after me, and she ordered her dress from a different site, but similar setup, and her dress was a disaster – nothing like the picture, terrible construction, etc.

  9. missdee212 says:

    Lets not forget that the big name brands are also highly made in china

  10. Boja says:

    Hello, I am sure that people told that so many times before, but hey 🙂 The “net” on the bottom of the first dress are really for shape. It will do those big wave of the skirt and also helps a little with keeping the skirt wider. Smaller net smaller waves 🙂 It supposed to be there, definitely do NOT cut it out.
    (I know that from balroom dancing, it´s quite often for standard dresses. Doing wave, keeping shape AND skirt is not get in your way. For this dress from AE is very good sign.)

    Great video in overal, I enjoyed it.

  11. Monica Hyland says:

    If people don’t want to pay thousands for wedding dresses I’m glad people have options to buy something cheaper but you get what you pay for you only wear the dress once I’m glad people are making cheaper options now

  12. Elizabeth Davidson says:

    The birds is cute but destracting

  13. christine cervantes says:

    On the first dress, that’s called horsehair on the bottom and it helps the dress keep it’s shape. You do NOT remove it.

  14. Jiayin Zhang says:

    I got my wedding dress from Aliexpress, and it was great. I customized my dress with a style I like in store, but too expensive for me. I found a similar style from their website, then asked to add one additional layer of lace to the dress to give it more detail. They got all my measurements including height, waist, even arm length, so no alteration needed. My whole dress cost me about 400 US dollars, compare to the one I tried in store, which is about 1000 dollars plus alternation fee. No one can tell the difference, all my friends were impressed. I would say if you want to buy dresses from Aliexpress, don’t go with those super cheap ones, choose something around 300 to 400 dollars would give you a decent dress, and with more customization options in terms of size and style. To be honest, most of those expensive dresses in store are made in China, the seller on Aliexpress, if you find a decent one, is just directly sell you the dress from the factory, that’s why it’s much cheaper.

  15. meghna tribhuwan says:

    Most of the companies give the best samples for the promotion just as they gave u.. but when a commoner orders it comes in low quality..

  16. Jean Toliver says:

    I keep waiting for that bird to shit on that dress.

  17. liz weiss says:

    I’m exhausted just listening to your constant babbling

  18. Sarah Nantz says:

    You should do wedding dress reviews for Cocomelody! They’re a bridal company on the Afterpay app and their dresses are SOOO beautiful 🥰🙌💕✨

  19. Sandra Stewart says:

    We ordered a Fancy Flower Girl dress from Ali and it was Fab.Resold after we used it for same price we paid.

  20. VK K says:

    The 3rd dress’ sleeves are supposed to be that way. If you tried it on, you would see it actually falls correctly with it twisted. Try it….
    See?? It is supposed to be off shoulder. That is why it is twisted so it falls properly.
    You look gorgeous in everything you tried on!

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