5 Tips on How to Dress for Your Wedding | A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Dress Code

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So your wedding is coming up.

It’s important to let your bride-to-be bask in the limelight but don’t forget what is equally important to her.

Being a well dressed groom during your special day.

Let’s face the facts.

Men have a hard time picking out the perfect outfit for his wedding.

Ensuring that the best version of yourself is visible is no easy task when everyone in your family is trying to have a say.

As difficult as it may seem it is critical you get it right as days like these pretty much come once in a lifetime.

The good news is that most things are possible with some effort.

I am here to present you with 5 tips on how to dress for your wedding day. This list may not be the most in-depth but it doesn’t have to be. The core elements are here to ensure you are setup for success and make your future bride one happy lady.

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  1. matt sue says:

    Hey antonio, Been huge watcher of all your videos. My main question, as a younger man in my early 20s, how can a man dress smart casual and yet retain a playful look. I feel i’m still dressing to serious for my lifestyle and detracting (mainly university and work) – nice pair of chinos, a jacket and smart casual shirt. How can guys dress to be more playful and not serious? like when I see male models in pictures conveying the playboy style. Thanks alot man, keep up the great work. Matt

  2. Seasonings2taste says:

    Great video. My brother is getting married this spring. Unfortunately I will not be at my weight goal. I’m planning on getting a thrift suit and having it adjusted. How soon in advance should I get it to a tailor? I’m thinking maybe 2 weeks? Also, I’m losing about 4 pounds a week now. Will getting it adjusted and losing about 8-10 affect my fit very much?

  3. Michael O says:

    I lucked out with my gf.  I will just be rocking a blazer and some jeans and a nice pair of boots.  We didn’t want the hassle of a huge wedding.  That said, I appreciated your other video on wearing a blazer or sport coat with jeans, it helped me quite a bit!

  4. radioclash84 says:

    might aswell dress the best on that day because after that unless you are thinking about having an affair, its beer belly and cargo pants baby 🙂

  5. Chris Seltzer says:

    Antonio just so you know, most ad blockers flag/block The Smart Groom website because it uses clickbank.

  6. Chike Nwogu says:

    I am getting married in September but i don’t know the color and type of suit i would want to wear. HELP

  7. jenell73 says:

    i will try the shirt and tie combo that you are wearing. looks neat

  8. Jagdeo Salena says:

    i’m going to get married on the 14 of may,my favorite color is mint green,what kind of color suits should my becoming husband wear???

  9. Bendik Hogefeld says:

    Dear god, I love your tie Antonio. ^^

  10. Maxim Petrov says:

    Hey everyone, the best results that i’ve ever had was with the Talking Template Bundle (i found it on google) definately the no.1 course that I’ve followed.

  11. Mahender Dewasi says:

    wow super

  12. Touhidul Islam Omi says:

    Buy the best wedding Suit for men, Hand made high quality, Made in Hong Kong visit

  13. Berton says:

    this is exactly what i am looking for, thankyou Antonio.

  14. dee876 says:

    “Don’t get married if you had a little bit more to drink in Vegas” 😀 😀 😀 LOLLLL

  15. 14th Perception Roseknight says:

    just sharing my experience when i go for bespoke suit, all the local tailors/salesperson always asked me “how fast do i want the suit to be done?”. then, i always told them “take all the time that you need. i’m not in a rush”.

    so it turns out, most of their other customers find them to make last minute fitting because they had meeting/event/dinner/wedding 2-3 days from now. and seems like a culture in my area. and the suit turns out very, very bad because the stitching is rushed, no fitting at all, just one measurement, cheap fabric.

  16. Real Men Real Style says:

    How to dress sharp for your wedding day? I created this quick course – Smart Groom Guide – to help you eliminate the frustration of wedding preparation and ENJOY your wedding day!

    – Click HERE to discover the power of the style transformation roadmap that will leverage your professional image within 30 days!

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  17. Jose Guerrero says:

    Great advice I’m 7 months out and I need all the advice I need

  18. Bocay505 says:

    Can I marry on a suit or does it have to be a tuxedo??

  19. Khadar Hassan1 says:

    Im going to marry soon . My wedding ceremony is 26.09.2020 and yet don’t know what kind of suit I would wear that day . Im nervous 😓 😬

  20. Pekka Laurila says:

    The thing is that you don’t become a bridezilla and have a strict dress code. Let people wear what ever formal clothes they have. Most people have their one or two suits which they wear to formal events. If you don’t allow them to wear that by giving out spesific dresscodes, they will go out and rent a suit.

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