12 Worst Wedding Dresses in the World

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Society tends to believe a magnificent wedding, prince Charming and a snow-white dress is something every girl dreams of. This, of course, is not entirely true. Not everyone wants a traditional wedding, and some prefer ripped jeans to a white dress with a long train. Although the classic bride’s image is very persistent in popular culture, there will always be people who have a different idea of a wedding. Today we will tell you about several bold wedding dresses, which not everyone would appreciate.

00:00 – Welcome!
00:33 – “Naked” dress
01:45 – Killer dress
03:02 – Disney Dress
03:56 – Pearls and crystals
05:09 – Flower dress
05:52 – Colorful dress
07:08 – Barbie dress
07:45 – Dress from a movie
09:16 – Snow Queen’s dress
09:57 – Green dress
10:59 – A royal gown
11:32 – Mass-market dress

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  1. #Mind Warehouse says:

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Elizabeth Burns says:

    It used to be that a woman got married in the best dress she owned. It was usually her Sunday Church dress. I’m not sure but I think that was probably the case in my other countries.

  3. eric kestner says:

    they don’t beat the Duct Tape Dresses

  4. frisk -_- says:

    They are all beautiful

  5. Angie B says:

    The ‘Naked’ dress is not that bad too me it looks like a dress that’s for celebrities

  6. Lyndsay Daniells says:

    Nearly all the dresses are stunning

  7. Jennifer Nunez says:

    I think I love the killer dress

  8. Kaira Haley says:

    I am basic I want long sleeves, covering, not to puffy and my great grandma has a dress from her wedding and I really like.

  9. T May says:

    The material Tulle is pronounced ‘too-le’ like the start of ‘tulip’, not ‘Tull’

  10. A Wanderer says:

    Ridiculous! Dita’s dress is probably one of my favorite dress ever! It’s absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!

  11. Siya channel. says:

    By seeing barbie dress I remember sunshine and Benjamin

  12. shock2250 says:

    I. Love Tina Turner’s dress its unique but looks great on her.

  13. AKELE DESTINY says:

    He can help you get your ex 🔙

  14. Bercilla Rosario says:

    I think the first wedding dress was gorgeous i would be so bad in that 😍

  15. Denise B says:

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth loves you 🙏

  16. Aya Nabila says:

    so your idea of the best wedding dress is a plain white one? ffs dita’s so pretty, the color, the design, the shape, everything and its made by vivienne

  17. الاء الاء says:

    لا اجد تعليق عربي 😒🇮🇶

  18. Tree Bros says:

    Comment number 800

  19. Samantha Roberson says:

    What are we blurring out????

  20. T Money says:

    I knew that snow queen dress would be on here

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